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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

$200,000 damage in Huffing Related Crash

The West Central Tribune in Minnesota updated readers on the May 2nd huffing related crash.

At 1:15 am on May 2nd, an officer was called to the location for reports of an alarm. He noticed that a van had “crashed through the garage door, damaged walls, spilled oil and footprints leading out the door.” The van had veered off the road “struck a sign, passed over a grassy area and parking lot and went through the garage and into the wall opposite the garage door.”

The 18 year old driver “returned to the scene, was limping, covered with oil and was bleeding from his nose.” He indicated there were four other passengers in the vehicle at the time and that they had been huffing- but he “denied huffing the cleaner. The four other passengers disputed this and one claimed the van swerved off the road when she tried to grab the driver’s arm or the can from his hand.

“According to the petition, Peterson submitted to a blood test after the crash. The sample tested positive for difluoroethane, a chemical found in electronics cleaning and consumer aerosol products.”

One of the passengers suffered a broken leg. Additionally, “some of the spilled oil reached the city’s storm sewers and was contained by booms placed in a nearby county ditch. The day after the crash, shop officials estimated the damage to the building at more than $200,000.”

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