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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Body of Missing Arkansas Woman Found, Inhalant Abuse Suspected

On Wednesday September 30th, the body of a young woman was found. Unfortunately, she passed away in her car in a store’s parking lot. By that point, it had been quite some time since her relatives had reported her missing.

Friends of the 21 year old woman reported that she had a history of inhalant abuse. Additionally, police reported that she had multiple cans of hairspray in the car. However, while police reported that they did not suspect foul play, they are waiting until a coroner’s report is released before they indicate the cause of death.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Blacksburg, Virginia Concert to Raise Money for Anti-Huffing Awareness

A concert was held on Sunday September 13th 2015 at Blacksburg Presbyterian Church in order to raise money for inhalant abuse awareness. This was triggered by the death of a 41-year-old husband and father of two young children from inhalant abuse. The man was found dead clutching a can of computer cleaner. According to the family, he was suffering from PTSD from his most recent combat tour and had a long history of risk taking.

The concert itself was set up in order to raise money. Admission was free, although attendees were highly encouraged to donate to a memorial fund. Even before the event, it had raised over $8,500. The funds are designated for educational programs related to the issue and will be concentrated in Montgomery County Public Schools.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Arkansas Woman Arrested for Huffing in a Public Bathroom

On the morning of Saturday September 12th 2015, a woman in Jonesboro, Arkansas was found passed out in a store’s bathroom. According to reports, a store associate needed to crawl into the stall to see to the woman’s well-being. Once the full extent of the situation became apparent, the police were called.

Once the 41 year old woman regained consciousness, she allegedly tried to continue huffing air duster. However, she later expressed remorse and said that what she did was “a stupid thing to do.” After being removed from the premises she was taken to the Craighead County Detention Center where she was charged with inhalant abuse.

Man Arrested in South Carolina for Inhalant Abuse-related Theft

A 24 year old man in Charleston, South Carolina was arrested for stealing a can of keyboard cleaner from a local store on Saturday September 12th 2015. He admitted to doing so in order to become intoxicated by inhaling it. Records indicate that the man was found unconscious with the can next to him in close proximity to the store.

Typically this crime would be a misdemeanor in South Carolina. However, since the young man has prior convictions, he will be given a felony charge according to local authorities. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

After Death, Nunavut Chief Corner Warns that Inhalant Abuse can be Fatal

On September 9th 2015, the Chief Coroner of Nunavut warned listeners about the dangers of huffing. This occurred two days after the death of a local nineteen year old. This young man was pronounced dead at the Pond Inlet Health Centre due to his abuse of inhalants.

In her speech, the coroner described the harm that can come from these actions. Also she called on various organizations to spread awareness about the issue.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Pennsylvania Woman Caught Huffing Under Clothing Rack

According to local police, a woman in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania stole a can of compressed air from a store and huffed it both while hiding underneath a clothing rack and in the parking lot. Reportedly her actions were caught on the store’s surveillance cameras during the September 8th incident.

She was quickly arrested and was taken to Lancaster County Prison. From there she was charged with retail theft and illegal use of a noxious substances and was held on $10,000 bail.

Florida Man Found Passed Out Behind Wheel after Huffing Compressed Air

On Tuesday September 8th 2015, a 30 year old man in Boca Raton was arrested and charged with fleeing and eluding and inhaling a harmful chemical. When police found him at approximately 6:30 PM, his car was sitting on a roadway and he was passed out on the steering wheel. However, when the police tapped on the window, the driver briefly regained consciousness and drove off. However, he was soon found at a nearby restaurant where he inhaled more computer cleaner before being arrested.

After arresting the suspect, he was taken to Boca Raton Hospital. After he was given a chance to recover, he was briefly detained at Palm Beach County Jail. When questioned, the suspect claimed to not have any recollection of the previous night’s events.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Oregon Man Abuses Inhalants, Crashes Car into Wetland


A 29 year old man from Myrtle Creek crashed a car in a wetland near a commercial outlet in Roseburg, Oregon while allegedly under the influence of inhalants.  According to police reports, the driver drove his car through a chain link fence and parked on a grassy area nearby. When the police arrived at approximately 12:40 AM on September 6th 2015, he was reportedly still huffing from one of his several air duster cans.

The man was quickly arrested without incident and his vehicle was removed by a local towing company. He was charged with DUII Inhalants, DWS Violation, Unlawful Possession of Inhalants, and Failure to Return a Suspended License.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Madison Driver Fatally Strikes Pedestrian after Huffing from a Spray Can

According to Madison police, a 36 year old man inhaled fumes from a can of computer cleaner while driving on Saturday September 5th 2015. This caused him to briefly lose consciousness. This caused him to careen onto the sidewalk and collide into a 51 year old man.

The driver soon drove off but stopped shortly afterwards. Police initially took driver to the hospital where he received treatment for a medical condition unrelated to the crash. Three days later he was taken to the Dane County Jail pending charges.  

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Woman Found Unresponsive in Car after Huffing Aerosols


On the night of Tuesday September 1st, a woman in West Monroe, Louisiana was found unconscious in her car by an Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s deputy. The officer approached the vehicle because it was blocking traffic. However, when he saw that the driver was unconscious and shaking, he forced entry into the car and called emergency responders.

Once the woman, who had an aerosol can in her hand and eleven more in the car, was deemed to be in stable condition by medical professionals, she was arrested and taken to Ouachita Correctional Center. From there she was charged with abusing of toxic vapors and impeding the flow of traffic.
Incidentally, this was not the first time this woman had faced similar charges. A year earlier, she was found abusing inhalants in a car and was in almost equally poor condition.