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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Inhalant Abuse on the Increase in Wisconsin

Via WISN in Wisconsin:

After virtually disappearing for 10 years, inhalant abuse is on the increase in the village of Mukonago. Since March the community has seen three incidents of people huffing while driving. Two of the incidents resulted in a crash. In December 2013 the state included inhaled intoxicants in the definition of driving under the influence, making it easier for police to enforce laws against it.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Mexico State University (NMSU) Football Coach Resign After Huffing Incidents

Via Las Cruces Sun- News

The New Mexico State University (NMSU) offensive line coach resigned following a pair of criminal citations involving an addiction to huffing.

The Las Cruces police cited the coach twice in a four-day span for huffing compressed gas. The first incident occurred when an officer found the man, "slumped over sitting in his vehicle and apparently having seizures." The officer reported that he saw the man inhale compressed gas from a canister.  The second incident occurred inside the bathroom of a local drug store. Police responded after the man had locked himself in a bathroom and was huffing from the duster cans.

The coach and his wife told police that he suffers from an addiction and the family is returning to their home in Colorado to place him in rehab.  The coach officially resigned from NMSU for "on-going health issues".

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wisconsin Man Charged for Huffing


A 30-year-old Wisconsin man faces multiple misdemeanor charges for huffing cans of duster in a public area.  Police were called to investigate a suspicious vehicle.  When officers arrived, "they found the man sitting in the passenger seat with foam coming out of his moth and having a confused facial expression."  Officers found three cans of compressed gas cans in the vehicle.  When asked, the man admitted to huffing from them.  He faces up to 27 months in prison if found guilty.

California Driver in Deadly Crash Was Huffing

Via Santa Barbara

A 37-year-old California woman was charged with second-degree murder and vehicle manslaughter while under the influence of drugs after a deadly crash last December.  The woman was allegedly high on nitrous oxide when she slammed her car into a SUV, killing the driver, a 68-year-old retired teacher.

The driver appeared in court this week.  Three California Highway Patrol officers and a sergeant testified regarding the December crash and a prior uncharged incident in October.  Huffing- most likely through a whipped cream dispenser- was reportedly a factor in both incidents.  

The woman remains in custody and faces 15 years to life in prison for the murder and vehicle manslaughter charges while under the influence if found guilty.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Ohio Man Abuses Inhalants and Growls at Police Officers

Via the Mansfield News Journal in Ohio:

The police blotter notes a 36 year old man was arrested earlier this week after an inhalant abuse incident.  As police found him laying under a tree, he began growling at the officers.  He admitted he had been huffing from computer dusters.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Pennsylvania Found Huffing Outside Pet Store, Bleeding From Nose

Via the Mercury in Pennsylvania:

A 38 year old man was charged with several misdemeanors after he was found huffing from cans of compressed gas outside a pet store. The police report notes he was “largely incoherent,” was bleeding from his nose, and he had a white foamy substance coming from his mouth. They also found four cans of compressed gas nearby. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Maine Teen Requires CPR after Inhalant Related Crash

Via the Pen Bay Pilot in Maine:

A teenage driver pulled from her vehicle by good Samaritans following an inhalant related crash on April 23rd has been charged with “operating under the influence of inhalants, abuse of inhalants and driving without a license.” Her car crashed into another driver who was waiting to make a turn. Bystanders mistook the airbag powder for smoke and pulled her from the vehicle. The teen stopped breathing and required CPR.

Inhalant Abuse on the Increase in Jamaica

Via The Gleaner in Jamaica:

The results of the 2013 National Secondary School Survey were released and show that “inhalant abuse has gone up significantly.” The role of the parent was also discussed and is determined to be a “critical component for fighting this problem.”