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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Man Suffers Seizure After Huffing

Via the Live5 News in South Carolina:

A 43 year old man was arrested last week after an inhalant abuse related incident. A neighbor saw the man get out of his car, fall to the ground, and start having a seizure. The neighbor helped the man get up and found a can of computer duster in his hand. The man was inhaling the product as he walked away. Police were called and heard the man huffing from a product in his apartment.  He then answered the door in a “completely naked and bewildered state.”  He was arrested and charged with consumption of aromatic hydrocarbons.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Indiana Shop Selling Whip Its

Via in Indiana:

A WDRB reporter noticed a sign advertising “whip its” for sale and went to investigate.  The inhalant was being sold for $40 and the store owner said he was selling it legally. A loophole allowing that is the fact the balloons were on the outside of the box and they had spelled it wrong on their sign.

An Interventions Coordinator at the local drug & alcohol education center remarked that when he had “kids in a program or adults in a program that have experimented with inhalants in the past, a lot of times they’re a bit slower because they’ve severely damaged parts of their brain.”

New Inhalant Data in Mexico

Via the Digital Journal:

According to Mexico's Health Secretariat:
  • the number of inhalant users in Mexico rose 70% from 2002-2008.
  • the number of people checking into drug treatment centers rose 80% during the same time.


Connecticut Woman Caught Huffing at Burger King

Via the Glastonbury Patch in Connecticut:

A 44 year old woman was arrested after allegedly huffing computer dusting spray in the bathroom and parking lot of a Burger King. She was charged with disorderly conduct and administering restricted substances.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rhode Island Man Caught Huffing at the Mall

Via the South Kingstown Patch in Rhode Island:

Last week a 24 year old man was charged with use of a substance with toxic vapors after police saw him huffing a can of computer duster at the mall.

New Jersey Man Arrested for Abusing Inhalants Four Times in Two Days

Via My Central Jersey in NJ:

A 30 year old man was arrested at least four times in two days for abusing inhalants. On November 1, police saw the man inhaling from a spray can. He was charged with inhaling toxic chemicals and littering.  Just a mere 2 hours later police were called after the man was found hiding between two cars inhaling from a can. He was again charged with inhaling toxic chemicals and littering and sent for medical evaluation.
Upon leaving the hospital he went across the road to BJ’s Wholesale Club and inhaled a can of computer spray without paying for it. He passed out before he could inhale the second can. He was charged with possession of toxic chemicals and shoplifting and sent back to the medical center.  
Two days later police were called to a Walmart where the man had become violent after huffing computer duster. He was subdued by customers and was charged with inhaling a toxic chemical, shoplifting and disorderly conduct. He was taken to the medical center and then jail.

Louisiana Man Arrested for Inhalant Abuse - Third Time in A Week

Via the Advocate in Louisiana:

A 27 year old man was arrested after his father caught him abusing inhalants, the third time in one week.  He was booked into prison and charged with abuse of toxic vapors/huffing.
Earlier that same day he was found passed out in a Walgreen’s parking lot and a few days prior he was found passed out on a public road. In both cases he had been abusing inhalants.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Two Men Arrested After Huffing in Indiana WalMart

Via WNDU in Indiana:

Employees at a local Wal-Mart noticed two men acting suspiciously and recognized one as a person who had recently huffed a can of cleaning solution in the store.  Using store security footage they were able to locate the men and both were charged.

New Zealand Death Attributed to Inhalant Abuse

Via in New Zealand:

The results of the coroner’s report has been released and the death of 16 year old Shane Kotuhi has been attributed to inhalant abuse.

 In May 2011 the teen was found dead on an apartment’s bathroom floor and an “almost-empty can of air freshener was found with a towel that smelt strongly of the freshener.”  

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sharp Increase in Teens Arrested for Inhalant Abuse in Utah

Via Iron County Today in Utah:

In less than one month, six Cedar City teens, ages 13 to 17 years old, were arrested for inhalant abuse. The article points out that this is a sharp increase and that police in the region are concerned.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Inhalant Abuse on the Rise in South Carolina

Via the in South Carolina:

A 17 year old male teen was arrested on charges of “unlawful sniffing/huffing of aromatic hydrocarbons and shoplifting” after police found him stumbling around and disoriented behind a Walmart.

A police major notes “huffing arrests are not an everyday occurrence in Florence, South Carolina but they are becoming more frequent” and he remarked that the county is “definitely seeing more of this than we have in the past.” 

Officials in the county also report three deaths in the past six months attributable to inhalant abuse.  The county coroner stated that huffing is “becoming a bigger and bigger problem.” He also points out, “what these kids don’t realize is what it does to their bodies, what it does to the heart. One time can be fatal. Parents need to be paying attention to this and asking questions, because it is going on right here in Florence.”

Friday, November 8, 2013

Pennsylvania Man Faces Fourth Charge of Huffing Dusters


A Pennsylvania man, 30-years-old, faces another charge of huffing computer dusting spray after police say they found him passed out near a wholesale club. 

The man,  "allegedly took at least two canisters of cleaner from the.. store Friday evening. The 30-year-old had inhaled one can and was in the process of inhaling another when he passed out near the store about 7 p.m."

Police responded to reports of an unconscious male lying on the ground.  Hours before, the police say they caught the same man huffing on two separate occasions.    At 1:20pm that afternoon police were called where they found the man inhaling dusters. He was released after being charged with inhaling toxic chemicals and littering.

Two hours later the police were called again to another location.  The same man was again charged and released. 

Two days later, the man was caught a fourth time when he took a can of duster spray from a Wal-Mart shelf and starting inhaling.  He became violent and was subdued by several customers in the store. 

"As a result of the incidents, [the man] faces two counts of shoplifting and littering as well as four counts of purposely inhaling a toxic chemical. He also faces a charge of disorderly conduct."  He was taken to the county jail and lodged in lieu of $1,800 bail.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Massachusetts Man Arrested for Huffing at Walmart

Via the Salem Patch in Massachusetts:

The local police blotter notes that this past Monday police responded to a medical emergency at Walmart and found a 47 year old man sitting in the electronics department with his head down.  It was determined that he had been huffing and he was arrested on charges of huffing toxic vapors and shoplifting merchandise by asportation.

Montanta Man Faces Felony Charges After Huffing Behind the Wheel

Via SF Gate in California:

An 18 year old Montana man faces felony charges after he abused inhalants behind the wheel, passed out, and crashed into another car.

The accident occurred last July. He crossed several lanes of traffic, went over landscaping and crashed into a car stopped at a traffic light.  Four passengers were in the car and one was seriously injured. Blood tests showed he had the “active chemical substance in the dust cleaner” along with marijuana and opiates.

Inhalants Suspected as Car Crashes Into Cars, Concrete, a Sign, and House

From the Daily Journal in South Dakota:

Inhalant abuse is suspected in an accident where a 19 year old male driver crashed his car into two vehicles, a concrete barrier, a sign, and then a house. He has no recollection of what occurred. He was arrested on several charges including driving under the influence.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Increase in Inhalant Abuse in Illinois

Via the Lemont Patch in Illinois:

Police in Lemont are concerned about the increase in inhalant abuse cases in their community. The article notes two recent documented cases among local teens.

Kentucky Driver and Passenger Killed In Huffing Related Crash


A Russellville, Kentucky man was killed after driving his pick-up truck head on into a Walgreen's sign.  The driver and one of the passengers died at the scene.  Two other passengers, including an 11-year-old, were life flighted from the scene. The two are listed in critical but stable condition. 

Police believe the use of inhalants was a factor in the crash, along with high speeds.  The accident is still under investigation.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Pennsylvania Man Charged with Huffing Twice in One Day

Via the Lehigh Valley Live in Pennsylvania:

A 30 year old man was charged twice in one day with huffing. On Friday afternoon around 1 pm police responded to a call for a sick male in a park and found the man huffing from a container. He was charged with inhaling toxic chemicals and littering and released.  Around 3 pm the same day police responded to a liquor store for a report of a man huffing and it was the same man. He was again charged with inhaling toxic chemicals and littering and released.  He was also transported to the medical center for evaluation.

Caught Huffing in a Starbucks in Massachusetts

Via the Arlington Patch in Massachusetts:

Last week a man was removed from a Starbucks after huffing from two cans of computer duster that were within a plastic bag. He admitted to inhaling the substance and police gave the man a verbal no trespass order.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Oregon Man Huffs Behind the Wheel and Crashes Car Into Two Young Girls

Via KATU in Oregon:

A 19 year old man has been arrested for an inhalant abuse related crash back in August.  Investigators determined he had been huffing behind the wheel before crashing his car into two middle school girls who were walking along a sidewalk.  He turned himself in and now faces charges of driving under the influence of intoxicants, reckless driving, and multiple assault charges.

Iowa Teen's Death Attributed to Inhalant Abuse

Via the WCF Courier in Iowa:

Inhalant abuse was confirmed as a cause of death of a 16 year old female last August 23rd.  She was sitting on a rock wall, huffed from a can of computer duster, leaned back and fell about 50 feet.  The autopsy has confirmed difluoroethane was in her body.
The police chief relayed a message from the girl’s mom and noted she wanted to “share the information with other parents so Kellie’s death wouldn’t have been for nothing.”  He also implored parents to go learn more about inhalant abuse because it occurs more frequently then they think.

State medical investigators have looked into three or four deaths in the past four months involving inhalant abuse. Kellie was a junior in high school and played clarinet in the band. Her principal remarked she was “a nice kid, very active in music, and she was an excellent writer."