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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Inhalant Abuse on the Rise in South Carolina

Via the in South Carolina:

A 17 year old male teen was arrested on charges of “unlawful sniffing/huffing of aromatic hydrocarbons and shoplifting” after police found him stumbling around and disoriented behind a Walmart.

A police major notes “huffing arrests are not an everyday occurrence in Florence, South Carolina but they are becoming more frequent” and he remarked that the county is “definitely seeing more of this than we have in the past.” 

Officials in the county also report three deaths in the past six months attributable to inhalant abuse.  The county coroner stated that huffing is “becoming a bigger and bigger problem.” He also points out, “what these kids don’t realize is what it does to their bodies, what it does to the heart. One time can be fatal. Parents need to be paying attention to this and asking questions, because it is going on right here in Florence.”

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