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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Communities Against Substance Abuse to hold Inhalant Abuse Trainings in Maine

Courtesy of The Times Record
Brunswick, Maine

Communities Against Substance Abuse (CASA) plans to hold three separate trainings titled, " “Inhalant Abuse: It’s Right Under Your Nose.”

The trainings are designed to help parents recognize the signs, symptoms, and patterns of inhalant abuse and to give parents effective strategies and tools to combat it.

The trainings are open to anyone who wishes to learn more about inhalant abuse, and will be held: April 28 at Kennebec Valley Community College in Fairfield; May 5 at Stephens Memorial Hospital in Norway; and May 12 at Southern New Hampshire University in Brunswick.

Lamar County to Educate Parents on Teen Drug Use

Courtesy of the Hattiesburg American
Lamar County, MS

The Lamar County Sheriffs Office has teamed up with other organizations to form an educational task force in an effort to combat drug use.

The Superintendent of schools said, " We're trying to equip parents with the knowledge to know what's going on in and around kids and with their own child."

Burnett said the task force also met with 300 high school and middle school teachers in the district saying, "They learned how to recognize what the different kinds of drugs look like, the warning signs for students that might be on drugs, and how to approach that."

The task force's third meeting was held at 6PM on March 29 at Purvis High School and another meeting will be held in Oak Grove next week.

Inhalant Use Down in Oakdale, CA

Courtesy of the Oakdale Leader
Oakdale, CA

The 2010 Healthy Kids Survey, administered to kids in grades 5,7,9,11, showed both positive and negative trends for drug use for students in Oakdale.

While students from grades 9 and 11 showed positive behaviors relating to alcohol, inhalants, and tobacco when compared to their peers, there was a significant increase in reported marijuana use.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Ohio Man Charged with OVI and Inhalant Abuse

Courtesy of 19 Action News
Alliance, OH

Police arrested an Alliance man for driving under the influence of inhalants. Prior to his arrest he had been seen purchasing the inhalants from an office supply store.

He also admitted to drinking before his arrest. He is facing charges of Abusing Harmful Inhalants (which he has been previously arrested for, four times) as well as Deception to Obtain Dangerous Drugs (after police discovered that he had just ingested120 pills of Oxycodone).

He had purchased over 30 cans of cleaning aerosol from Wal-Mart since January, all using his food stamp card.

Police say that he made at least 300 aerosol purchases within the last year.

When questioned about purchasing all of the cleaner at Wal-Mart he replied, "It doesn't matter."

Texas Man Admits to Huffing While Driving

Courtesy of
Midland, Texas

A 23 year old man is in custody after admitting to officers that he had been huffing while driving. He is being held on a third-degree felony charge for evading officers as well as possession or use of an inhalant drug and driving while intoxicated.

A Midland Police Officer was dispatched to a vehicle that was stopped in the middle of the road at 1PM on Friday. Prior to arrival, dispatch warned the officer that witnesses reported that the driver of the car was inhaling from a can of dust remover.

A few moments later, dispatch contacted the officer again to warn that an officer from a local school had attempted to make contact with the driver who then fled in the car.

Officers eventually located the car are were able to stop the man who had been, "swerving all over the road." The driver said he didn't recall the attempted contact with the school's officer but did admit to huffing the dust remover.

If convicted of the felony, he could serve up to ten years in prison.

18 Year Old Woman Charged With Child Abuse After Supplying Inhalants

Courtesy of the Star-Herald
Scotts Bluff, NE

An 18 year old woman has been charged with two counts of child abuse, as well as two counts of aiding and abetting inhaling an intoxicant, after supplying inhalants to kids during an after school program.

Earlier this month the district's superintendent confirmed that employees had been fired in connection with the incident. According to reports the employees had been inhaling dust remover and the gas from a can of whipped cream and reportedly had helped two of the children inhale the products.

She is set to appear in court on April 8.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Use of Inhalants Increases Among 4th,7th and 9th Graders

Courtesy of the Tennessean
Franklin, TN

Students in grades 4, 7, 9, and 11 took part in an annual substance abuse survey. The survey results were considered to be generally positive due to the overall decrease in cigarette smoking and consumption of alcohol.

However, the survey also showed a "slight increase in the use of inhalants" among students in grades 4, 7, 9, as well as an increase in cocaine usage among 7th and 9th graders.

In response to the results of the survey, Mike Looney, the district's Superintendent said, “Just because we’ve seen a substantial improvement doesn’t mean we need to stop caring about this.”

Parents and Students to Host Summit on Refrigerant Huffing

Courtesy of NBC 17
Raleigh, NC

After reports of recent thefts of refrigerant in the area, parents and teens are coming together to talk about drugs and alcohol. A local expert will attend the event tonight to answer questions about the dangers of refrigerant inhalation.

The summit comes just after a local 18 year old was arrested on five counts of larceny for stealing refrigerant for himself and other teens to huff.

Damilola Joseph with WakeMed said, "If they're huffing you can get frostbite to the nose, to the mouth, to the face. You can have brain damage."

The summit is to begin at 6:30 tonight and will be held at Fox Road Elementary in Raleigh.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wellington Kids Caught Huffing Duster

Courtesy of the Wellington Daily News
Wellington, KS

On Sunday, an officer was dispatched to a car parked in a local driveway after teens were caught huffing in the car.

The teens described as "high school aged" were inhaling a can of dust remover.

Wellington Police Detective John Defore said, “What it does is it displaces the oxygen from the brain, therefore giving you that euphoric effect, but keep in mind ... you can die from this even the first time you do it. It’s so dangerous and it’s nasty stuff.”

Apex Police Say Suspects Steal Refrigerant for Huffing

Courtesy of NBC
Apex, NC

Apex police are investigating at least two reports of refrigerant stolen from air conditioning units. They believe the thieves used the refrigerant as an inhalant. One person was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

Local hospitals see a few cases of people sickened by refrigerant abuse, though the state does not track these cases.

It is reported that refrigerant abuse is becoming more popular with teens. Damilola Joseph, a pediatric emergency medicine fellow at WakeMed (a local hospital) said, “It’s easy. It’s cheap. Pre-teens and teens don’t have to go out and find expensive chemicals to do this. And they think it’s cool.”

She says, "Don't assume your teenagers or pre-teenagers aren't doing this. These chemicals are everywhere. They're in the household. Please, please, please talk to your teenagers and your pre-teens."

Damage to Air Conditioning Units Linked to Huffing Refrigerant

Courtesy of the Wilkes Journal-Patriot
North Wilkesboro, NC

Heating and air conditioning units outside of several buildings in Wilkesboro were damaged when people cut the lines to obtain refrigerant, the refrigerant. Police Chief Robert Bowlin said, "We think they are huffing the refrigerant" from the cut lines.

Between March 17 and 18, the units attached to four homes had their refrigerant lines cut. Police estimated that $1500 worth of refrigerant was taken from the four units. In addition to the refrigerant loss, there is an estimated $300 in damage to each unit.

In another incident, police reported that two other air conditioning units were damaged beyond repair when power cords and copper tubing were cut to obtain refrigerant outside of the North Wilkesboro District of the United Methodist Church. The loss was estimated at $15,000.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Aaron Hunt

On the evening of April 12, 2010 while riding in a car with 2 other people, Aaron Hunt chased a dangerous high inhaling propane fumes. His heart stopped and his brain was without oxygen for around 10 minutes before rescue workers arrived. Aaron was put on life support when he arrived at the hospital. After numerous tests, it was determined that there was no brain activity. On April 16, 2010, Aaron was removed from life support.

Aaron left behind his mom, dad, brothers, sisters and the love of his life, Alex Jankowski on April 16th.

Aaron was only weeks away from graduating from McHenry West High School and had plans on attending a trade school to become an automotive technician.

Aaron had a magnetic personality and an unbelievable smile that would light up any room that he walked into.

His family and his girl friend, Alex, decided to channel their grief in a positive way and create an event that would keep Aaron's memory alive, and celebrate his 18 years of life. The aim of "Balloons for Aaron Hunt" is to bring huffing awareness to his hometown, as well as to the surrounding neighborhoods. Our mission is to support educational efforts that raise awareness among students of all ages about the potential dangers of huffing.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

15 Year Old Boy Dead in South Africa After Abusing Inhalants

Via Eyewitness News & TimesLive in Johannesburg, South Africa

A 15 year old boy died of a heart attack over the weekend after abusing inhalants. His mother is concerned about the increase in inhalant abuse in her community and is reaching out to try and educate others.

25 Year Old Found Huffing in NJ Wal-Mart Restroom

Via the in New Jersey:

A 25 year old woman was charged with “possession of a controlled dangerous substance” after a Wal-Mart employee found her huffing from a can of dust remover in the store restroom.

When the woman hadn’t come out of the restroom after 30 minutes, her friend asked store personnel to check on her. Upon entering the employee “heard an aerosol can hit the floor” and there was no response when he knocked on the stall door. He then saw her pick up the can and “dispense the can near her face.” She soon emerged from the stall and showed the employee the receipt confirming she had purchased the product. She posted bail and was released.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Huffing Driver to Serve Four Years

Courtesy of the Fergus Falls Journal
Rothsay, MN

A an 18 year old Barnesville man was sentenced to four years in prison for a crash that killed a man while he was mowing his lawn on May 3, 2010.

The (then 17 year old) driver had been speeding and driving erratically. Though the crash occurred a few days before his 18th birthday, making him technically a juvenile, he was tried as an adult.

He was charged with criminal vehicular homicide while under the influence of a hazardous substance, a charge which he plead guilty to in January.

Blood tests taken at the scene confirmed that the driver had been huffing aerosol cleaning products prior to the crash.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Huffing Leads to Arrests

Courtesy of the Payson Roundup
Payson, AZ

Payson police officials say that they have seen a resurgence in huffing and substance abuse in the last four months.

Police watched from a patrol vehicle while a teen stumbles out of a park bathroom with a can of dust remover held to his nose. The watched the teen take two deep breaths from the can. When they entered the bathroom, they witnessed a group of teens getting high off of the cans of dust remover.

On Jan 21, three teens (14,16, 17) were arrested after being caught huffing behind a Wal-Mart. Both the 16 and 17 year old users reported that they were also under the influence of other substances.

They were transported to the emergency room and then to the Gila County Juvenile Detention Center because they were both on probation.

Both were later charged with several felonies.

Officer to be Honored with MADD Award

Courtesy of The Sun
Rialto, CA

When Officer Brayshaw approached the accident, he observed a woman who was drooling, nearly incoherent, and smelled of chemicals.

To inexperienced officers, she may have had a seizure, but the two cans of dust remover confirmed Brayshaw's suspicions, she had been huffing.

Brayshaw's seasoned ability has earned him recognition from the state, which is why he will be awarded the California Mothers Against Drunk Driving Award later this month.

The Rialto Police Chief Mark Kling applauded Brayshaw for his work, "It shows the dedication and impact that one can make on our community."

The awards ceremony will take place in Sacramento on March 26.

Abington Driver Faces Charges After Huffing and Driving Through a School Yard

Courtesy of Enterprise News
Abington, MA

A 29 year old Abington man in a "drug-fueled haze" smashed through boulders and drove through an elementary school parking lot, just minutes before school was to be dismissed.

One of the parents waiting to pick up their child followed the driver, and alerted police of his direction of travel.

When police stopped the man, he was in possession of a can of dust remover, which he had been huffing.

He was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of drugs and reckless operation of a motor vehicle.

No one was injured in the incident.

Teen Huffs and Crashes Car into Collision Repair Shop

Courtesy of the Gaston Gazette
Dallas, TX

A 19 year old who crashed his car into a collision repair shop may have been huffing duster and drinking before the accident.

He drove his car into the front door of the shop and took out bricks as well as the door. It is estimated that he caused $6,000 worth of damage to the building.

The driver faces charges of: inhaling toxic vapors, consuming a malt beverage while driving, having the beverage in the vehicle while driving (open container), possessing toxic vapors, and driving while intoxicated

"Huffing Teens" Crash Van into Casino

Courtesy of News on 6
Rogers County, OK

Two teenage girls were arrested after they crashed a van into a local casino. The girls, both 15, had been huffing dust remover.

Deputies said that the girls had been waiting in the van while one of the girl's mother went into the casino. One of the girls got out of the car and entered the casino while her friend circled the parking lot.

The driver blacked out, hitting three curbs, a security vehicle and then traveling more than 100 feet before crashing into the casino.

The driver told Sheriffs Deputies that in addition to huffing she had taken prescription pills, and didn't know what they would do. She was charged with operating a motor vehicle without a license, drug complaints, and destruction of property.

The other girl was arrested for drug complaints as well as obstruction of justice after attempting to hide the can of dust remover.

Three Junior High Students May Face Charges for Huffing at School

Courtesy of
Wayne County, OH

Three Triway Junior High School students may face charges for huffing dust remover during school on Tuesday.

According to Wayne County Sheriff's Deputy Doug Hunter, "One student stole the can while all three were inhaling the fumes."

The case has gone to the Prosecutor's Office for potential charges.

The Triway School District has policies in place to deal with events like this one. On the first offense, students face a 10 day suspension and they must sign a no-use contract. On the second offense they will face another 10 day suspension with the recommendation of expulsion.

Each policy, including the one that states that students are not to be "under the influence of any un-prescribed chemical," is found in the student code of conduct.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chesterfield Business Leaders Join S.A.F.E. in Preventing Inhalant Abuse

Courtesy of CBS 6
Chesterfield, VA

Dominion Service Company and and James River Heating and Air have joined forces with S.A.F.E. (Substance Abuse Free Environment) in an attempt to prevent the abuse of refrigerant.

The two businesses are installing "special safety locking caps" on all newly installed air-conditioning units and, by request, retrofitting older units with a locking cap as well.

The President of Dominion Service company said agreeing to install the locking caps was a "no brainer" for them, and his company would be installing the locking caps for free on all A/C units.

Since a new law came into effect March 1, builders are now required to install the caps on units in newly constructed homes.

Once the cap is installed people would not be able to gain access to the refrigerant without a special tool that is only issued to licensed heating and air contractors.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Woman Charged with a Felony after Huffing and Driving

Courtesy of
LaPorte County, MI

A 19 year old woman had been huffing from an aerosol can and blacked out while driving down the highway. She crashed into a utility pole and a tree in Michigan City, sending her passenger to the hospital with severe injuries.

Her passenger died a month later.

The driver is now charged with a Class C felony, "operating while intoxicated causing death" and a Class B misdemeanor, "inhaling toxic vapors."

She was taken into custody in Alabama, where she resides, and will be extradited to Michigan to face the charges.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Thank You to the Eastern Aerosol Association

In this photo from left to right: Dennis Smith, Queshia Bradley, Colleen Creighton, Cindy Hundley, Ken Wanner

ACE would like to extend a big THANK YOU to the Eastern Aerosol Association (EAA) for their kind contribution.

We would also like to thank EAA for the work they are doing in the community in raising awareness of inhalant abuse via their efforts in minor league baseball.

Once again THANK YOU, and keep up the good work!

Photo Courtesy of Spray Technology & Marketing Magazine

Nebraska Teen gets DUI for Huffing while Driving

Courtesy of
Sarpy County, NE

A teen is facing charges of driving under the influence (DUI) after she lost control of her car two weeks ago.

Sarpy County Sheriff Jeff Davis responded to the crash and said, "It appeared that she was somewhat incoherent, possibly suffering from the affects of huffing. We believe she blacked out."

She crashed her car into a light pole, before coming to rest in the ditch.

No one was injured in the crash.

National Inhalants & Poisons Awareness Week (NIPAW) is March 20 - 26, 2011.

Fast Facts about Inhalant Abuse*

- The Average age of first time users was 16.9 years.
- 67.9 percent of first time users were under age 18 when they first used.
- 813,000 people aged 12+ used inhalants for the first time in the last year.
- Inhalant Abuse (Huffing, Dusting, Sniffing) - can kill... users can die the first or 100th time they use an inhalant

How are YOU raising awareness of inhalant abuse in YOUR community? Share your stories and events, and we will post it to our ACE Community blog. Please email information and any questions to Lindsey Partridge:

Education is the key to preventing Inhalant Abuse - Be in the know. Visit to learn more.

*All statistics from 2009 National Survey on Drug Use and Health:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Driver Leads Emery Police on High Speed Chase, While High on Inhalants

Emery County, UT
Courtesy of the Emery County Progress

On February 19 police in Emery County, Utah were dispatched to a hit and run incident. They were told that the offending vehicle (a pickup truck) had sideswiped an SUV and fled the scene.

In route to the call, officers observed a truck with half of a fence gate dragging behind the bumper. When officers pulled behind the vehicle in an attempt to stop the it, the driver of the vehicle accelerated in an attempt to lose the officers.

The vehicle then left the road and continued into the ditch before crossing into oncoming traffic, and eventually coming to rest in a wash near a home.

The driver refused to exit the vehicle and when police removed him, they noted that he appeared to have been high on inhalants.

Florida Mother Arrested Again For Huffing- With 19 Day Old Baby in Car

Via in Florida:

A 31 year old female nurse “who has been arrested at least four times for huffing aerosol products” was involved in yet another inhalant abuse incident last month.

Police responded to a call for a traffic accident in a shopping center parking lot. The driver of the damaged parked car told the officer that the driver of the other car had been huffing a product before backing into her car. In the car, police found three cans of computer duster (an empty one on the front console) and the woman’s 19 day old son in the car. The Department of Children and Families was notified and took custody of the infant.

The driver told police she went to Kmart to buy the product and then returned to her car to “take one hit” from the can. She indicated she doesn’t remember inhaling the rest of the can and was charged with “inhalation of a harmful chemical substance and child abuse.”

The article notes she was also arrested in April, May, June and August 2010 and charged each time with inhaling harmful substances.

In one case, she was found unconscious in her car in a Wal-Mart parking lot by an off-duty sheriff’s deputy. She woke up and immediately started huffing from a can of computer duster. In another case, her son went to a neighbor’s house to help for his mother. When officials arrived they found a pregnant woman lying on a bed with a computer duster nearby. Her two sons told police she had been huffing from the product while driving. More info on that second case can be found here.

New Jersey Woman Arrested for Huffing

Via the Newark Advocate in New Jersey:

The Court Records for Thursday, February 24 show an inhalant related incident:

“A woman was huffing duster spray on the 100 block of Wallace Place between 6:30 and 7:11 p.m. Tuesday. She was on probation for the same offense.”

Gold Faced Paint Huffer Arrested Again

Via WTOV9 in Ohio:

A man who has been repeatedly arrested for huffing was arrested yet again in West Virginia after firefighters found him in the snow.

He has been charged with “huffing an intoxicant.” The article lists eleven other times he has been found or arrested for huffing paint over the past few years.

New Jersey Woman Admits Fault in Fatal Crash

Sussex County, NJ
Courtesy of the New Jersey Herald

A 22-year old woman (then 18) accused of huffing inhalants before her car went off the road and struck a guardrail, killing her 16-year old passenger has recently admitted fault. Responding troopers found aerosol cans in the back seat after the accident, and the driver’s blood sample tested positive for difluoroethane.

The crash took place in 2007, and “prosecutors said it is the first death-by-auto case involving inhalants in New Jersey, to their knowledge”.

Sentencing is set for April 15.

Inhalant Abuse Kills 21 Year Old Arkansas Mom

Via the Log Cabin Democrat in Arkansas:

Earlier this month a 21 year-old woman was found unresponsive at home and police suspect her death is related to inhalant abuse.

Police responded to an emergency call from the woman’s husband. He told the officers that when he went to bed, his wife had been huffing computer dusters. A search of the residence revealed 28 cans of computer dusters “most of which were empty.”

The police report also notes that “the couple’s 2-year-old child was in the apartment at the time of the call, but was unharmed.”

Former Austin Police Officer found Dead

Austin, TX
Courtesy of the New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung

Police are investigating the death of a former member of the Austin Police Department and inhalant abuse is suspected. The 36 year old was found dead in his hotel room surorunded by "many aerosol cans."

The article notes he had been employed by the police department before two incidents where he had been huffing. In one case he was found huffing in a Lowe's Parking lot. In the second, he was found in an apartment complex in Austin surorunded by 36 cans of computer duster.

Inhalant Abuse Increases in Pennsylvania County

Via The Progress in Pennsylvania:

The 2009 results of the Pennsylvania Youth Survey were recently released. The survey is administered every two years to students in grades six, eight, 10 and 12.

The survey revealed that inhalant abuse increased by 3% in Jefferson County from 2007-2009.

" In Jefferson County, aside from alcohol, students also reported marijuana (9.4 percent) and inhalants (5.9 percent) as the most used drugs in the past 30 days. While marijuana had a slight decline from the 2007 survey, inhalant use rose by more than 3 percent in 2009."