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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chesterfield Business Leaders Join S.A.F.E. in Preventing Inhalant Abuse

Courtesy of CBS 6
Chesterfield, VA

Dominion Service Company and and James River Heating and Air have joined forces with S.A.F.E. (Substance Abuse Free Environment) in an attempt to prevent the abuse of refrigerant.

The two businesses are installing "special safety locking caps" on all newly installed air-conditioning units and, by request, retrofitting older units with a locking cap as well.

The President of Dominion Service company said agreeing to install the locking caps was a "no brainer" for them, and his company would be installing the locking caps for free on all A/C units.

Since a new law came into effect March 1, builders are now required to install the caps on units in newly constructed homes.

Once the cap is installed people would not be able to gain access to the refrigerant without a special tool that is only issued to licensed heating and air contractors.

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