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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

New Jersey Woman Arrested for Huffing and Driving


A 36-year-old New Jersey woman was arrested and charged with driving under the influence, possession of toxic chemicals and reckless driving.  Police responded to reports of a car accident.  Officers found the woman standing next to her car holding a can of computer duster spray.  Police were familiar with the woman due to a recent arrest for huffing duster.  In the vehicle police found three more cans of duster.  A witness said the woman's vehicle crossed over the curbed median and across opposing traffic lanes before hitting a lightpole, causing it to fall into the road.

Texas Teen Involved in High Speed Chase, Suspected of Huffing


A 16-year-old Texas man is accused in a 100 mph chase with a stolen car.  The teen is facing several felony charges after stealing a car from a Head Start school parking lot.  Police say they followed the teen in a high-speed chase that ended when the stolen car got involved in a two-car accident.  The man is known to huff paint, and first responders to the car crash said the teen had a strong odor of paint on him at the time of the accident.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

California Man & Woman Arrested for Possession of Nitrous Oxide

Via Ukiah Daily Journal

A 22-year-old California man was arrested on suspicion of possessing nitrous oxide, violating his probation and driving with a suspended license.  A 44-year-old woman was also arrested for possession of nitrous oxide.

Missouri Man Dies Due to Inhalant Abuse


A 21-year-old Missouri man died due to inhalant abuse.  The man passed away in June 2014.  The autopsy report came back with a cause of death from a chemical found in computer dusters.  The man's mother says he died within hours of being taken to the emergency room.  She says her son was inhaling six cans every day for about a week before a friends took him to the emergency room where he later passed away.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Wyoming Teens Cited for Huffing

Via County10 

Two 15-year-old Wyoming teens were cited for Use of Toxic Substances.  Police were called to the rear of a Library where the two teens were reportedly huffing something from a grocery bag. Police discovered the two were inhaling rubber cement fumes.  They were cited and released to their respective parents.

Maine Man Pleads Guilty to Huffing and Driving


A 36-year-old Maine man pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of inhalants knowing that his license was revoked and having his 14-year-old nephew in the car with him until the teenager jumped out.   The man pleaded guilty to a felony charge of operating after habitual offender revocation with a prior conviction and two misdemeanor counts of operating under the influence and endangering the welfare of a child.   "The negotiated agreement dismissed two misdemeanor charges of driving to endanger and failing to notify of a motor vehicle accident."

Had the case gone to trial, witnesses would have testified that the man had temporarily blacked our and drove into a ditch and continued into the horse pasture.  The Wilton Police Chief would have testified that the man was locked inside the vehicle and that she saw him huffing from the computer duster.  The man's nephew was able to jump from the car as it entered the horse pasture.

The Judge deferred sentencing on the felony charge for a year.  During that time the man will have to follow an agreement that outlines what he needs to do and he may not use alcohol, illegal drugs, or inhalants.  If he abides by the terms the case will be dismissed. If he does not the minimum mandatory sentence is six months in jail and the maximum is five years and a $10,000 fine.   The man was also sentence to 364 days in jail, all suspended, and one year probation on each of the misdemeanors.  He must also pay a $500 fine and will lose his license for 150 days.