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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Phoenix Teen Arrested for Aggravated DUI After Huffing and Crashing Into Park Ranger's Car

Via: ABC 15 Arizona

Phoenix, AZ: Jeramiah James Clendenen was arrested on April 11 after allegedly crashing into a park ranger's car in North Phoenix. The man was awoken by Phoenix Police after receiving a call from a Phoenix Parks and Recreation Station ranger. The ranger reported to police that the 19-year-old was unconscious in his car with the engine running and passed out again after being awoken the first time. When he was awoken a second time, he put his car in reverse and crashed into the ranger's vehicle. Police found cans of compressed gas and discovered that Clendenen's driver's license had been suspended. He was arrested for aggravated DUI.

Missouri Man Arrested for the 18th Time After Huffing in Local Dollar Store


Affton, MO: A 47-year-old man was arrested for the 18th time on Thursday after being found huffing air duster in a Family Dollar store. He was arrested for disturbing the peace and inhaling solvents, but since there is no specific law against huffing in Missouri, police were forced to release the man. Witnesses say they saw the man screaming and huffing in the store parking lot. In February, the "serial huffer" was caught getting high on air duster after being recorded by a store customer. The St. Louis County prosecutor's office states that there are a few of the man's cases under review and they are working toward passing legislation to make inhaling solvents illegal in Missouri. Currently, 37 other states have laws prohibiting the use of inhalants.

Indianapolis Police Respond to Case of Huffing

Via: Fox 59

Indianapolis, IN: Indianapolis police responded to an unresponsive person call on Thursday and came across a case of dusting. Police seized nine cans of duster during the incident. Local emergency responders say this is not an uncommon occurrence in central Indiana. Emergency room physician, Dr. Dan O'Donnell, said in an interview that just one huff can lead to death and inhalant abuse can lead to a variety of health problems, including brain damage, seizures, and respiratory issues.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Alabama Man Arrested for Huffing in Public

Via: The Gadsden Times

Gadsden, AL: A 25-year-old man was found unconscious in a vacant lot after police received a call reporting an apparently intoxicated person. Local police report that the man was slumped forward with three duster cans around him. Just two days prior, the man had been arrested for huffing air duster. The man refused medical treatment and was taken into custody.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Michigan Woman Arrested for Huffing Nitrous Oxide

Via: The Detroit News

Troy, MI: A Michigan woman was charged with inhalation of chemical agent after being found huffing nitrous oxide at a traffic light on March 23. After multiple people called authorities about the woman, police responded and subsequently found 30 used cans of nitrous oxide in her car.

$177k Worth of Harmful Inhalant Seized by State Troopers


Richfield, OH: A New York man was arrested on the Ohio Turnpike after state troopers discovered he was trafficking 939 pounds of nitrous oxide on April 6. The man was initially pulled over for a lane violation and after bringing in a drug-sniffing dog to the site, the Ohio State Highway Patrol found a small bag of marijuana and mutliple tanks of nitrous oxide in the vehicle. Nitrous oxide, which can be found in whipped cream cans and race cars, is the most abused inhalant and is considered by law a harmful intoxicant. The driver, Evangelos R. Scullion, 41, was booked in the county jail on a charge of trafficking over $177,000 worth of harmful intoxicants and could face up to 18 months in prison and a $5,000 fine if found guilty.

West Virginia Man Accused of Huffing and Stealing Duster Cans

Via: The Herald-Dispatch

Huntington, WV: A 25-year old man was cited with shoplifting over $400 worth of duster cans from a local Walmart. According to police, Walmart employees witnessed him huff the aerosol cans in the store on April 6 before attempting to steal four more cans. The man was transported to the hospital for treatment.

Miami University Student Charged with Huffing

Via: Dayton Daily News

Oxford, FL: Nathan Tanner McGehee, A Miami University student, was charged with abusing harmful intoxicants after being found huffing computer duster in a grocery store bathroom on March 28. Police say the 20 year old was caught huffing duster two weeks prior and that employees of the store heard the aerosol can being used. McGehee was found with six cans of computer duster in his backpack, all of which were purchased at the same grocery store.

Vehicle Explodes After Man Huffs Propane

Via: Winona Daily News

Winona, MN: A 1999 Chevrolet Blazer exploded in Winona on the night of March 26 after a man lit a cigarette in his car after huffing propane. The combination of the two caused the car's windows to break and windshield to fly 40 yards away. The man denied medical treatment for the minor burns he suffered after escaping the vehicle and was not charged by police, although he did admit to huffing.

Houston Councilman's Cause of Death Discovered

Via: Houston Public Media

Houston, TX: Houston Councilman Larry Green's cause of death was discovered to be the result of an accidental drug overdose. Green died in his home on March 6 after huffing chloroethane and using methamphetamine. Chloroethane is sold in aerosol cans and marketed as a "cleaning solvent" that can be used as a refrigerant and local anesthetic. It is suspected that after huffing the chloroethane, which seriously depresses the central nervous system, Green attempted to self-medicate by using the methamphetamine, a stimulant. Councilman Green was 52 years old.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

California Man Found Huffing in Public

Via: Mountain Democrat

Placerville, CA: A man was arrested on Monday after being found unconscious on the ground. After being checked by paramedics, the local Sheriff's Department determined that Jeremy Lacey, 28, had been huffing compressed air prior to arrest.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Michigan Man Crashes Car After Huffing

Via: 9&10 News

Mount Pleasant, MI: A man crashed his car into a business sign on Monday night after swerving across multiple lanes of traffic. Police say the man admitted to drinking, taking Xanax, and huffing computer duster prior to driving. Nobody was seriously injured, but the man is expected to be charged with driving under the influence.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Couple Charged with Child Abuse, Giving Infant an Inhalant

Via: Brownsville Herald

Brownsville, Texas: A Couple was found passed out outside a storage unit with a baby in their truck. When interviewed by police, the couple admitted to both fondling and giving the child an air inhalant. The man is charged with possession and use of an inhalant and aggravated assault. The woman is charged with possession and use of an inhalant, injury to a child and abandon endangerment of a child criminal neglect.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Man Found Dead With Aerosol Can in His Mouth

Via: Newsweek

Manhattan, New York: A man was found dead in his apartment surrounded by almost two dozen aerosol cans, one being in his mouth. Huffing the compressed air from the aerosol cans caused his death.