Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Oklahoma Man Arrested on Manslaughter Charges After Inhalant Abuse Related Crash

Via Paul's Valley Daily Democrat in Oklahoma:

A 25 year old man was taken into custody last week for charges related to an inhalant accident last year. The man faces two felony counts of first-degree manslaughter for the car accident that claimed the lives of a 21 year old woman and her unborn child.  The lab results arrived the week prior showing he had been intoxicated from abusing computer dusting spray behind the wheel.

Israel Defense Forces Prohibit Huffing

Via the Times of Israel :

The Israeli Defense Forces "cracked down this month on its list of illicit substances that could make a soldier liable for prosecution if abused while on duty." The new regulations include "inhalation of air-conditioning gas."        

Friday, August 29, 2014

Driver Almost Hits School Bus While Huffing In the Car

Via The State in South Carolina:

A 32 year old man was charged with inhaling aromatic hydrocarbons, passing a stopped school bus and resisting police after an inhalant related incident.

Police responded to a call of a reckless driver at 7:30 am last Wednesday.  The witness had reported the man almost hit, then passed a school bus with its red flashing lights. They found the driver huffing from a can of keyboard cleaner.  he told police he had just gotten off work but when they noted the time, he indicated he was going to work. Seven cans of the duster were removed from the car, five were empty and two were cold to the touch indicating they had just been used. His car was towed, he was taken to the medical center and then brought to jail.

Additional Charges in Deadly Colorado Crash

Via the Pueblo Chieftain in Colorado:

Last March, a 31 year old man drove his car through the basement of home, killing a 46 year old man and injuring his wife. A judge recently found probable cause to try the driver on charges of vehicular homicide, manslaughter, and leaving the scene of an accident along with a second vehicular homicide charge alleging he was under the influence of inhalants and a charge of vehicular homicide by reckless driving.

Tennessee Man Crashes Car into Telephone Pole After Huffing Behind the Wheel

Via the Times News in Tennessee:

An 18 year old man crashed his car into a telephone pole after huffing computer duster.  Last Wednesday evening, a deputy arrived at his home to investigate a vehicle leaving the scene of an accident. The man's mom told him that her son had arrived home "high" on inhalants and the man tested poorly on field sobriety tests. He admitted to huffing the computer duster before leaving his residence and was charged with DUI, failure to maintain proper control, leaving the scene of an accident with property damage, no insurance, and seatbelt violation.

West Virginia Father arrested for child neglect

Via WDTV5 News:

A man in Morgantown, West Virginia was arrested for child neglect on Sunday after allegedly huffing a can of duster in front of his daughter. Police found the man passed out and incoherent on the rail train with a can of duster in his hand. His young daughter was in a stroller just a few feet away. The man told police that he had not huffed the whole can that day.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Illinois Woman Passes Out in Kmart Restroom After Huffing

Via the Elmhurst Patch in Illinois:

A 28 year old woman was arrested after an inhalant abuse related incident.  At 5:40 pm she took a cab to a Kmart saying she needed to use an ATM but she did not come out of the store.  Her boyfriend showed up, paid the taxi driver, and store employees soon found her passed out in the womens restroom. She had been huffing computer duster. She was arrested on charges of retail theft and unlawful use of an intoxicating compound.

After Fatal Accident, Chicago Area Woman Reaching Out to Teens

Via Comcast SportsNet in Chicago:

The 20 year woman who, while under the influence of inhalants, ran over and killed a 5 year old girl spoke to thirty Chicago teens last week, warning them about the dangers of drugs.  She is to be sentenced next month for aggravated DUI and reckless homicide.

With a photo of the young victim on the table next to her, she told the teens she started using drugs, when she was 12 years old. She also discussed being bullied and struggling with finding her identity as an adopted child.  At 15 she moved to heavier drugs and prescription pills to cope with a pit bull attack that left her face scarred. At 16 she entered a treatment center in Utah and stayed there until she graduated high school.When she returned home, depression kicked back in and she started using again. 

On September 3, 2012 she noted she made "the terrible decision to drive under the influence. I passed out behind the wheel of the car. My car went over four lanes of traffic and hit the pedestrian family. I turned around after I got out of the car, and I saw two people laying on the ground — a woman screaming 'My miniƱa!' and a little girl. I ran over as best I could and tried giving the girl CPR and held the mother's hand, and when the cops arrived, I got up and said, 'I did this. Will you take me away? I was driving under the influence. I did this." 

The following day  officers told her the young girl had died and she was charged with the accident. She said she has been sober since and has been volunteering at a recovery center with troubled kids while helping to start a "Step Up! & Say No To Drugs!" campaign.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Inhalant Abuse in Fayetteville Arkansas

Via the NWA Online in Arkansas:

The woman was found "face down, legs crossed, her body as still as the water pooled around her."  Two cans of computer duster were in her lap and a third can floated not far away. A receipt in her purse revealed she had bought the cans that afternoon. The state crime lab reported her cause of death as difluoroethane toxicity and drowning. Twelve days later, another Fayetteville woman died after huffing computer dusters in a hotel bathroom.

The article notes that in Arkansas, according to statute 5-60-116, it is a class B misdemeanor to huff products to achieve a condition of intoxication and that the state bans the possession and distribution of nitrous oxide.  Additionally, in Arkansas, 6.1 percent of eight-graders reported using inhalants in 2009 compared to the national average of 3.8 percent.

Repeat Huffer Arrested in California

Via the Ukiah Daily Journal in California:

Police responded to a call of a man huffing from an aerosol can with his pants down. They located a 36 year old man and noticed he had a can with him and that he was currently on probation for possessing inhalants.  He was placed under arrest on suspicion of possessing an inhalant and violating probation.

The next morning officers responded to a call for a subject who had stolen several cans from a store and it was believed he was huffing from them in the back of the building. Employees of the store noticed he had inhaled from the can before leaving the store, discarded the can, and vomited before proceeding to the back of the store with the remaining cans.  Police discovered it was the same man from the previous evening's incident. He began huffing as officers approached. He was arrested once again.

Pregnant Indiana Mom Arrested After Huffing

Via the NW Times in Indiana:

When the police arrived at the 22 year old female's door last week they thought she was suffering from a seizure.  The woman, who is six months pregnant, awoke from the officer's knocking on the front door, screamed and immediately began huffing a duster. Police broke down the front door and removed the can from the woman's hand.

Officers were there to serve her a warrant for an inhalant abuse incident from July 9. She told police she was addicted to huffing, was transported to a medical center for evaluation and then to jail.  The baby's father told police he had called them previously hoping she would be arrested because he had found her unconscious several times before.

Minnesota Youth Caught Huffing in a Park in Duluth

Via the Duluth News Tribune:

 The police report for August 18th notes the Hibbing police department had to be called to address the issue of two juveniles huffing substances in a park.

Body of Man Found Behind Shopping Plaza Identified

Via the Journal Star in Illinois:

The body found behind a shopping center last week has been identified as 36 year old Ryan Sailors.

The article notes that in 2009, he started using inhalants to help mask the pain of losing his father to lung cancer. Within the past five years he had struggled with addiction and he was still wearing his hospital bracelet from his last stay on July 21st after he had been found dehydrated and disoriented.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Michigan Man Charged with Huffing Nitrous Oxide in Florida

Via the Sun Sentinel in Florida:

A 29 year old Michigan Man was arrested after he was caught huffing from a canister of nitrous oxide in a Publix parking lot.  

He was seen "laying back and 'huffing' in his car.  Inside the vehicle police found "several packages of nitrous oxide." He was taken into custody and faces charges of inhaling harmful chemicals.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

North Carolina Man Caught Huffing in Walmart Bathroom

Via the Gaffney Ledger in South Carolina:

The police blotter notes that on August 12, a North Carolina man was taken into custody after he had shoplifted three cans of computer duster from Walmart and began huffing from them in the store's bathroom.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Washington Man Caught Huffing Twice in the Same Day

Via the Nisqually Valley News in Washington:

Earlier this month police responded to a call for a man who had lost consciousness while huffing from a can.  He left before officers arrived but they found him nearby. Later that day, they were called to a local restaurant where the same man was once again abusing inhalants.  He passed out, fell on his face, and walked away.  He was cited for inhaling toxic fumes and is required to appear in court.

Man Arrested for Huffing Gold Paint in Tennessee

Via the Greenville Sun in Tennessee:

Last week a 21 year old man was charged with public intoxication and unlawful possession of an inhalant. Police responded to a call of a man "yelling at himself" and found the man with gold paint on his face and he "seemed to be intoxicated from huffing the paint." They found the bag with the gold paint he had been using and also discovered he was on probation for "possession of an inhalant."

South Carolina Woman Huffs Duster In Front of Officer

Via The State in South Carolina:

A 52 year old woman was arrested this past weekend after police found her huffing from a can of computer duster outside of a CVS Pharmacy.

Police responding to the call found the woman on the ground and as they approached, she stood up and was very unsteady on her feet. She inhaled from the can as officers were talking with her and again as they were walking to the police car, which led the officer to put her in handcuffs. She was taken to the hospital for examination and then transported to the detention facility.