Thursday, April 17, 2014

Indiana Man Charged With Huffing for the 9th Time

Via TriState Homepage

An Evansville, Indiana man was arrested recently for huffing, marking his ninth charge with this same crime. Though he tried to run, officers pursued him and he was quickly caught. The man was taken into custody and brought to the Vanderburgh County Jail.

North Dakota Man Arrested for Huffing in Walmart Parking Lot


A 32-year-old man was arrested in Fargo, ND, where he was found huffing from a can of computer duster, while sitting in his car in a Walmart parking lot. A Walmart employee noticed the man in the parking lot and alerted local police. Police found the man holding one can of computer duster, with three other empty cans in the front seat of his vehicle.

He was charged with inhalation of vapors.

Tennessee Man Arrested for Inhalant Use

Via The Leaf Chronicle

A 44-year-old man was arrested in Clarksville, Tennessee after police officers found items used for sniffing inhalants inside his vehicle. He was pulled over by Clarksville Police for a traffic stop, when they noticed spray paint cans, a brown paper bag with similar paint cans inside, and three glass pipes with a burned residue inside of them, all in the rear of his vehicle.

The man was charged with failure to carry/exhibit license, criminal impersonation, inhalants and unlawful drug paraphernalia.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tennessee Woman Causes Apartment Fire While Huffing


A Chattanooga woman was arrested in connection with a March 29th apartment fire. The Captain says he and other firefighters noticed a strong smell of gasoline after an apartment fire was put out.  He called the Fire Investigation Division to investigate.  Evidence showed that one of the two occupants had been huffing gasoline in the bathroom. 

The person huffing lit up in the bathroom and due to the room full of gas fumes, a fire erupted.  The two occupants in the apartment at the time were not injured. 

Following the investigation, officials went to arrest the woman occupant.  Officials say she and her husband were evicted from the apartment complex and were staying at a local hotel.  When officials arrived at the hotel they could smell gas fumes and the woman refused to answer the door.  Investigators entered through a window and arrested her.  They found two one-gallon containers full of gas inside the room.  She faces six counts of reckless endangerment due to the danger she put the other apartment residents in.

Indiana Man Arrested for Huffing in Parking Lot


A 26-year-old, Bloomington, Indiana man was arrested after police were called to the parking lot of a Kmart.

According to police the man had purchased cans of duster and was huffing them in his car.  A 14-year-old boy was also in the car, but police say he did not appear to be intoxicated.  The man was arrested on preliminary charges of inhaling toxic vapors.

Sniffing Legal Substances is Still Against the Rules in the Military

Via Air Force Times

Matthew Tully, a veteran of war responds to a question on military inhalant abuse.  A question was posed if military personnel could be punished for getting high off legal substances. 

Tully writes,

"Just because products that are innocuous when used appropriately, such as glue, gasoline and nail polish remover, are not designated as controlled substances doesn’t mean service members can inhale or otherwise abuse them without risk of discipline."

Read his full response here.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pennsylvania Mom Seeks Changes After Losing Her Daughter to Inhalant Abuse

Via the

A 29 year old Pennsylvania woman is dead after abusing inhalants and now her mother is seeking changes in mental health regulations. 

On Feb 13th, Amy sent her mom a text “I want to die” and when her mom reached her apartment, through a window, she could see her daughter passed out on her bed. She couldn’t wake her daughter so police were able to gain entry. When she woke she had sustained a cold burn/frostbite on her hand from the can of computer duster.  Inside the apartment police found “numerous trash bags packed with empty canisters of the spray cleaner.

On February 28th her mom texted her to see how she was doing but when she hadn’t heard back by March 1st she went to her apartment to check on her. The landlady told her Amy wasn’t answering the door and when she entered the apartment she noted Amy wasn’t breathing. She was pronounced dead and the coroners’ office ruled her death accidental with the cause of death being cardiac arrest induced by difluoroethane.  

Wyoming Man Passes out in Walmart After Huffing

Via the Sheridan Press in Wyoming:

Last Saturday police were called to a local Walmart for a report of someone passed out in the restroom. They found a male in his 40s who had fallen unconscious after inhaling vapors from a computer duster. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Jersey Man Arrested on Huffing Charges --Three Times in One Week

Via the Daily Record in New Jersey:

A 30 year old man was arrested three times last week on inhalant abuse related charges.  

First, on Thursday afternoon he was arrested after a car accident. 24 aerosol cans were found in his car and he wasn’t even aware he had crashed his car.  He was charged with: possession of a toxic chemical for the purpose of causing intoxication, being under the influence of a toxic chemical, driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, failure to maintain a lane of traffic, failure to exhibit registration and failure to exhibit an insurance card. He was released.

Then on Friday afternoon police found him slumped over the steering wheel of his car in a Walmart parking lot. He admitted he had been huffing in his car and was charged with: DWI, possessing a toxic chemical to cause intoxication, and being under the influence of a toxic chemical. He was again released after being charged.

Third, on Saturday afternoon police responded to a report of someone inhaling something in a Walmart bathroom. They found the man nearby and charged him with possession of toxic chemicals and being under the influence of a toxic chemical. He was processed and released.