Friday, March 27, 2015

Mississippi Teens Die From Huffing


A 14-year-old Mississippi boy died after huffing computer duster spray.  The boy was taken to a local hospital were he was pronounced dead.  Authorities are waiting on lab results to conclude the death investigation.

One can die from inhalants on the first or 100th time of use, known as Sudden Sniff Death Syndrome.  Please visit the People Against Inhalants Network (PAIN),, for support if you have lost a loved one to inhalant abuse.

Arkansas Man Drives Car into Man Before Hitting Building


A 33-year-old Arkansas man was arrested for DWI-drugs, careless and prohibited driving, and breathing, inhaling, or drinking certain intoxicating compounds.

The man was driving when his pick-up truck crossed the turning lane and continued across ongoing traffic lanes.  He hit a curb, striking a light pole.  His car then went back across all lanes hitting another light pole.  He then continued into a parking lot where he hit a parked SUV.  The owner of the SUV said he shoved his two young children out of the way, but that the car hit him before running into a building and newspaper stand.

Police found a cold computer duster can in the console of the car, and a wet baggie on the passenger seat.  The man was taken to the hospital where he agreed to a urine and blood test.  The man was cited and released on bail.

Michigan Woman Arrested After Huffing and Driving


A 20-year-old Michigan woman was arrested for driving under the influence of drugs and the use of chemical agents.  The woman rear ended a semi-truck causing her car to roll over.  She had been huffing prior to the incident.  She was hospitalized for minor injuries and was arrested after her release from the hospital.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Missouri Teenager Dies Due to Huffing


A Missouri mother is speaking out against inhalant abuse after losing her 17-year-old daughter to huffing.  The young girl's mother found her dead in her bedroom.  The girl had been huffing from a can of computer duster.  The girl's mother and sister want to spread awareness and education on the dangers of inhalant abuse in order to save another family from experiencing this same loss.

Visit ACE's People Against Inhalants Network (PAIN) at if you or a loved one has lost someone to inhalant abuse.  This is a community of support of that allows you to honor your loved one lost while also connecting with those experiencing the same loss.

Missouri Man Wrecks After Huffing


A 25-year-old Missouri man was charged after wrecking his car trying to leave a home improvement store parking lot.  The man admitted to huffing duster just minutes before getting into his car.  He is charged with Careless and Imprudent Driving, Inhalation of Solvent Fumes, and Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility.

Arizona Man Passes Out and Crashes While Driving and Huffing


A 25-year-old Arizona man was charged with DUI- drugs and speed greater than reasonable and prudent.  He also received a citation for failure to control his vehicle.   The man was huffing from a computer duster spray while driving, when he passed out.  The car then crossed three lanes of traffic before hitting a water line at a local store and car-wash.  The car then hit a computer terminal at the car-wash where it spun to hit a second terminal.   The man admitted to huffing from the duster can that was found in his car.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Michigan Man in Hospital After Huffing; Frostbite and Breathing Issues

Via Yahoo News: UK and Ireland 

A 40-year-old Michigan man was rushed to the hospital with frostbite and breathing issues after he inhaled computer duster to get high.  According to his case report, the man had huffed three cans of duster over four hours, and was in a public restroom in a grocery store when he collapsed.  He was rushed to the hospital where he was treated for breathing issues and frostbite.

Ohio Man Burned After Huffing Related Fire


A 20-year-old Ohio man has burns over 65% of his body after huffing gasoline.  When fire fighters arrived to the home they found the man naked in the living room.  The man appeared disoriented and
starting back away from the first responders.

The man had been huffing gasoline in the basement of the home where there was a water heater and furnace.  There was a flash fire, mostly contained around the mattress the man was sitting on.  A water pipe burst put out the fire before crews arrived, possibly saving both the man and the house.

There were two adults and two children also inside the home, but they were safely evacuated.  The man is listed in critical condition.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pennsylvania Man Arrested for Huffing

Via The Morning Call 

A 29-year-old Pennsylvania man was arrested for huffing.  The man was found unconscious in a Walmart parking lot with a can of duster he stole from the care.  The man was arrested for retail theft, public drunkenness and disorderly conduct.

The man was arrested a year prior to this on a similar incident relating to huffing.

Florida Man Caught Huffing


A Florida was found unconscious in his car after huffing from a duster.  Once awoken the man apologized to police and admitted he had only been huffing for a month.   The man was taken to jail.

Michigan Woman Arrested for Huffing


A 39-year-old Michigan woman was arrested for huffing.  Police were called to car accident and while in their cruiser writing the report, a bystander notified them of a woman standing near the vehicles huffing.  When police approached the woman she began to fight with them.

The woman was arrested for resisting and obstructing officers and charges are being sought on the use of an inhalant.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Ohio Woman Arrested for Huffing


A 21-year-old Ohio woman was arrested for huffing.  Police were called to a home on complaints of an unruly child. Upon arrival police determined that a 14-year-old child had been huffing a can of duster with the 21-year-old woman.

The woman faces first degree misdemeanor charges for abusing harmful intoxicants and contributing to the unruliness of a minor.  

Friday, January 16, 2015

Utah Man Arrested for Selling Whippet to Minor


A 36-year-old Utah man was arrested for selling alcohol and whippets to a minor.  Police discovered the minor in the man's house and the minor admitted to buying the whippet to inhale.  The man was charged with selling and abusing a psycotoxic chemical and selling alcohol to a minor.

New Zealand Boy Doused in Petrol From Group Huffing

Via NZCity

A 14-year-old New Zealand boy was doused in petrol after getting into a fight with people huffing.  The boy had fought with one person in a group of three and hurt his arm when he fell.  Initial investigations determine that the group of people were huffing in the area.  A 37-year-old man has been arrested in relation to the boy's dousing and is assisting police with their inquiries.

Michigan Man Arrested for Huffing

Via Midland Daily News 

A 35-year-old Michigan man was arrested for huffing.  Police were called to a home where the man was huffing a cleaning product.  The man was evaluated by paramedics and then taken to jail.  He was charged with inhalation of a chemical agent.

Florida Man Arrested for Huffing Behind the Wheel


A 39-year-old Florida man was arrested for huffing after police found him unconscious in his car.  Police were called to the scene after reports of a car facing east-bound in a west-bound turning lane.  They found the man passed out in his car with a can of computer dusting spray still in his hands.  The man admitted that he only started huffing about a month prior to the incident.  

Friday, January 9, 2015

New York Woman Arrested for Huffing in Walmart


A 25-year-old New York was arrested for huffing in a Walmart bathroom.  The Walmart loss and prevention officer reported seeing the woman in the bathroom holding an aerosol can close to ther face.  The woman's son was waiting outside.

Upon her arrest police found drugs prescribed to other people, along with a bag of marijuana in her possession.  She faces charges of criminal possession of a controlled substance, endangering the welfare of a child, and criminal use of drug paraphernalia.  She also faces charges of unlawful possession of toxic vapor and unlawful possession of marijuana.

12-Year-Old Australian Boy Dies From Huffing

Via The Sydney Morning Herald

A 12-year-old Alice Springs, Australian boy died due to inhalant abuse.  The boy was found unconscious in a parking lot between two retail complexes.  Police were called to the scene and the boy was transported to a local hospital, but despite best efforts, the boy passed away.   Early investigations show that the use of inhalants was a factor in his death.  

South Carolina Man Causes Serious Accident After Huffing


A 24-year-old South Carolina man was high on nitrous oxide when he caused a serious head-on crash.  THe man had inhaled 50 cartridges worth of nitrous oxide before crossing the center line and hitting another car.  There were two people in the other car, both of whom were badly injured. The man suffered injuries as well.

Ohio Woman Huffs and Drives Causing Accident

Via Lancaster Eagle-Gazette

A 47-year-old Ohio woman was arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated and abusing a harmful intoxicant.  The woman was found slumped over her steering wheel after she rammed into two parked vehicles, one that had two elderly people sitting inside it, in a parking lot.  The woman admitted to officers and medics that she had been huffing from a compressed-air duster before driving.  The woman also told police that she had previously been arrested earlier that week for a similar accident.