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Friday, August 30, 2013

Texas Woman Arrested for Huffing

Via the Paris News

A 56-year-old Paris, Texas woman was arrested after she was found allegedly huffing a can of paint.   Police determined she was intoxicated and posed a danger to herself.  She was arrested when she became belligerent and began cursing at the police officer.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Elderly Couple Dead After Ohio Driver Huffs Behind the Wheel

Via the Dayton Daily News in Ohio:

Just after huffing computer duster behind the wheel, a 19 year old male crashed his car into an elderly couple, killing both of them. 

The article notes police have made arrests for huffing and that it is a first degree misdemeanor but they also note “it is hard to determine how big of a problem huffing actually is” and that “tracking by just arrests is difficult.” 

The town where the accident above occurred has had three other huffing related arrests so far this year including a man arrested on August 3 after officers found him after he had been huffing gold paint. One officer states that “the proliferation of synthetic drugs and bath salts has curbed some of the appeal of huffing.” 

The article also points out that from 2009 to 2012 Butler County had three huffing related deaths. The victims were ages 50, 34, and 46 and two of the deaths were ruled suicides while the third was accidental.

Friday, August 23, 2013

New Jersey Man Caught Huffing Twice in 2 weeks

A 40 year old man was caught huffing twice in two weeks.  Police first responded to a call for an unconscious man in a car. When they responded they found the man had been huffing computer duster in the car and had passed out. He was transported to the hospital and then to the county jail.
Then on August 5, police found him huffing from a can of computer duster as he was walking on a local road. He was again taken to the local county jail.

Car Crash in Wisconsin After Driver Abuses Inhalants

Via the Chippewa Herald in Wisconsin: 

A 20 year old female driver has been charged with “first degree recklessly endangering safety, felony bail jumping, and intentional abuse of a hazardous substance” after an inhalant abuse related crash back in July.  

A witness saw a car traveling at a high rate of speed when it “just missed a vehicle, drove into a yard, hit a mailbox and stopped. It then turned around and through a grassy area to strike a tree, a fence and then another tree, where the vehicle eventually stopped.” Another witness reported that the passenger in the car was “passed out in the driver’s lap, foaming at the mouth.”

The driver admitted to huffing. She noted that while traveling at about 50 miles per hour when she suffered a headache, began to seize and blacked out. She stated, “I wasn’t huffing the (computer) duster in the vehicle or while I was driving. I’m not that dumb. I huffed the (computer) duster right before I got into the vehicle.”