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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Missouri Man Arrested for Huffing

Via Quincy Herald-Whig in Illinois and Missouri:

A 20 year old man was arrested for huffing on Sunday afternoon after walking in and out of traffic on a busy highway in Missouri. When an officer arrived, the offender tried to get away and ended up getting in a small altercation with the policeman. The officer arrested the young man, and later found two cans of aerosol spray in his possession. The offender was charged with resisting/interfering arrest, and possession of a mind-altering substance.

Florida Man Arrested Twice for Huffing in 24 Hours

Via Sun Sentinel in South Florida:

A 29 year old man was recently arrested twice for huffing min 24 hours in Delray Beach, Florida. After buying multiple cans of aerosol from a nearby store, a concerned passer-by saw the man huffing and called the police. Officers report the man appeared groggy, and after further inspection found a large brown paper bag indicating the man had recently been in jail (these bags are given to prisoners when first arriving at the Palm Beach County jail). The man was arrested again for huffing and then sent to jail in lieu of a $250 bond.

Two Drivinng Accidents in Wisconsin Attributed to Huffing

Via Post Crescent in Wisconsin:

This past Saturday in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, a 19 year old woman was reported to have ran into a fire hydrant and then drive off. Officers later found the vehicle and the driver in a nearby parking lot, where she admitted to huffing an unknown substance. The driver was cited for hit and run, as well as possessing a drug without a prescription She was referred to the district attorney's office for abusing a hazardous substance.

On Sunday, police responded to a report of a car crash in a busy state highway. It was there that a 16 year old girl rear-ended another vehicle after she had been huffing. Officers cited the driver for reckless driving, being underage and in possession of alcohol and drug paraphernalia. This offender was also referred to the district attorney's office.

Michigan Teen Stikes School Officer Huffing and Driving

Via The Oakland Press in Michigan:

A young boy in Howell, Michigan was recently charged as a juvenile for operating a vehicle while intoxicated and causing injury this past Monday. The driver was sentenced to detention, probation, 200 hundred hours of community service, and counseling. The 16 year old boy was driving after using inhalants and struck a security officer in his school parking lot. According to officers, this boy has been an offender of inhalant abuse in the past.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

28 Year Old Woman Arrested in Montana for Huffing and Driving

Via Independent Record in Montana:

After a huffing and driving accident that caused the vehicle to flip over, a 28 year old woman in Montana is now facing a felony charge of criminal endangerment. The female driver was traveling along a major highway when she turned towards an exit and ran over multiple curbs. After the arrest, officials found 23 cans of aerosol that this woman appeared to have been using to get high.

Grieving Parents Morn Death from Huffing of 27 Year Old Son in New Zealand

Via The New Zealand Herald in New Zealand:

After ten years of struggling with an inhalant addiction, a 27 year old man was found dead from huffing in the Dunedin Botanic Gardens last Sunday. His parents recall their son's childhood as relatively normal, however after a summer away from home he seemed more depressed and unfocused. They explained that inhalants are cheap and addictive, which made it easy for their son to access to them. Police found canisters nearby the body, and have announced the cause of death as huffing.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

4 Year Prison Sentence for Injuring Women After Huffing and Driving in Florida

Via Sun Sentinel in South Florida:

A 46 year old man was recently charged with huffing and driving and injuring a 28 year old women walking her dog in Palm Beach County, Florida. The driver was sentenced to four years in prison. Records show that at the time of the crash the driver was driving without a license (due to two DUI convictions), and the license plate was not registered to that vehicle. Police announce that the man had been huffing aerosol cans before the accident.

31 Year Old Man Arrested for Huffing in South Dakota

Via Kota Territory News in South Dakota:

Rapid City Police arrested a 31 year old man in South Dakota for huffing this past Thursday. The man abusing inhalants had been driving and huffing a can. The driver is charged with a DUI, ingestion and driving under revocation. Police noted there has been an increase in the number of huffing cases over the past year.

Friday, November 2, 2012

After Huffing, Man Attacks Cars with Machete in Arizona

Via AZDailysun in Arizona:

On November 1st, an Arizona man who had been abusing inhalants attacked multiple cars with a machete in east Flagstaff. The 22 year old man had been previously arrested for hitting two people with bullet fragments after firing a gun into the ground, last year. His fifth arrest, the individual appeared to be "crazy," and harassed surrounding officers. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident.

Maine Youths Treated for Huffing

Via San Francisco Chronicle in Maine:

This past week, three youths were treated for huffing chemical vapors at a hospital center in Maine. The individuals involved were detention center youths in Charleston. After found huffing, the three boys were taken by ambulance and treated at the Eastern Maine Medical Center.