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Monday, September 29, 2014

Michigan Man Arrested After Huffing and Crashing into Police Car

Via The Blade 
A 34-year-old Michigan man was arrested after crashing his car into a police car while huffing dusters. 
Police responded to a report of a man huffing from an computer duster can in the parking lot of a local grocery store.  An officer located the man's car after a caller told police the man had left the grocery parking lot. The police officer saw the man in the driver's seat huffing from the can.  "The man then slumped over the wheel inside his locked car and didn't respond to the officer."  
The officer broke a rear window, but the suspect woke up and backed his car up into the front of the police car.  The man then put the car in drive and tried to flee the area.  The police officer was able to break the driver's side window and turn off the man's car.  Police found multiple empty computer duster cans.  The man was arrest on felonious assault and malicious destruction of police property. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Florida Man Arrested For Inhaling Harmful Chemicals

Via The Independent Alligator

A Florida man was arrested after police saw him passed out in his car with a can of computer duster. Police responded to a call regarding a man huffing computer duster and when officers arrived they found the man, "passed out in his vehicle, clutching a can of [duster] to his chest."  The man told police he had been, "huffing since the sun was up."  Officers found about 50 cans of duster in his car, most of which were empty.  The man was arrested on charges of inhaling harmful chemicals.

Pennsylvania Man Arrested for Huffing

Via Penn Live 

A 38-year-old, Pennsylvania man was arrested after police said he was caught huffing computer dusters.  The man was spotted by police, and police said, "they planned to charge him with the illegal sale or use of solvents/noxious substances."

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Arkansas Man Arrested in Deadly Huffing Accident


A 22 year-old, Fayetteville man was arrested in connection to a deadly 2013 car accident.  According to investigators the man was huffing computer dusters when he crashed his car in January of 2013.  His passenger was ejected from the car and killed in the crash.

A blood test revealed the man also had, "the prescription drugs Oxycodone and Alprazolam in his system at the time, as well as trace amounts of marijuana."   The man faces a charge of manslaughter and is currently out of jail on bond. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

North Carolina Man Dies in Huffing Incident

Via Mt. Airy News

A 52 year old, North Carolina man was found dead inside his car in a Walmart parking lot.  Police Officers arrived at the parking lot after receiving a call about a suspicious vehicle involving a person with some type of medical problem.  When Police arrived, they discovered the deceased man in his truck.  EMS responded to the scene as well and discovered burns around the mans nostrils that are consistent with huffing.  Cans of computer dusting spray were found in the man's car, and video surveillance showed the man buying the duster product inside of Walmart.  An autopsy and toxicology report are pending.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pennsylvania Mom Huffs and Crashes Car with Children in Backseat

Via We are Central PA in Pennsylvania:

A 26 year old woman was arrested last week after an inhalant abuse related crash.  When police arrived on the scene she was under the influence of computer dusting spray and was still trying to huff from the can of duster as she exited the car.

Her 7 and 8 year old children were in the car at the time and were taken to the medical center for evaluation. Police also note that she was involved in a similar incident the previous week.

South Dakota: Huffing Behind the Wheel Causes Crash Into Telephone Pole

Via 1380 KOTA AM in South Dakota:

A 31 year old man was arrested for DUI, ingesting and hit and run after an inhalant related accident. After huffing behind the wheel he lost control of the car and hit a telephone pole.  Both occupants had to be extracted from the vehicle.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Iowa Man Charged with Huffing

Via the Ottumwa Courier Online in Iowa:

The police blotter reports that on the evening of September 13, a 24 year old man was charged with huffing. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Florida Man Pulls Gun on Deputies While Huffing

Via the Daytona Beach News Journal in Florida:

A 30 year old man was charged with inhaling/ingesting a harmful chemical after police found him huffing computer dusting spray while trying to load a handgun.

Daytona State College security noticed the man trespassing on campus and huffing from the product. When he saw security he dropped the can and ran into the woods. Police found him huffing from a second can and when they approached him he "pulled a stolen handgun from under his leg and tried to load a magazine into the firearm" but deputies were able to disarm him.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Huffing Butane Causes Explosion in New Zealand

Via TVNZ in New Zealand:

Three teens were injured in an inhalant related explosion. The two females, ages 14 and 15 and the 17 year old boy had been huffing in a house when a fire started after a cigarette was lit.  Emergency services found the two females inside the home and the teen boy was found nearby. All sustained extensive burns to their face, arms and legs and all three are recovering in hospital. The explosion was so intense that the house's bedroom curtains were found in a neighboring property.

Michigan Woman Resists Arrest After Huffing

Via the Traverse City Record Eagle in Michigan:

A 21 year old woman was arrested after using inhalants and resisting arrest. Her mother had called police and when they arrived at her home they found her on a bed with a can in her mouth.  They tried to take the can but she resisted. She was transported to a medical center and then to jail.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Found Unresponsive in a Hotel Room in North Dakota

Via the Dickinson Press in North Dakota:

A 25 year old man was arrested for the second time in two weeks after after he was found unresponsive in a hotel room. Officers responded after staff found the man unconscious and slumped against a chair on the floor next to two cans of computer duster. He was taken into custody on charges of inhalation of chemical vapors. Previously, in late August, he was arrested after abusing inhalants in the bathroom of a mall.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

South Carolina Man Cited for Huffing Twice in Two Weeks

Via WCNC in South Carolina:

The 32 year old driver who nearly hit a school bus a little over a week ago has been stopped for abusing inhalants behind the wheel again. 

On Saturday night they received a call about a man passed out in a running vehicle in a restaurant's parking lot. He was passed out in the driver's seat with a can of computer duster in his hand and later admitted to huffing two cans within the past hour--and eight cans within the past six hours.

A medic was called because the man was slow to wake up and he complained of sever pain in his kidneys. He was issued a citation for inhaling aromatic hydrocarbons.  Police note they are "seeing an increase in adults huffing keyboard cleaner" and that when they get calls they "look for cans in cars now."

Monday, September 8, 2014

Driver Crashes into Telephone Pole in Front of Police Station in Alabama

Via WAFF in Alabama:

A man is being charged with DUI after huffing computer duster behind the wheel.  A police cruiser was following the driver and capturing the event on video as he drove down Main Street. The driver struck a utility pole in front of the police station and city hall and upon investigation, the officer found multiple cans of duster in the vehicle.

Man Arrested After Crashing SUV Into Wall

Via the St George News in Utah:

A man was arrested after huffing behind the wheel and crashing his SUV into a wall.  He told officers that he had fallen asleep at the wheel and they noticed he was trying to kick a can of computer duster under the seat. After sobriety tests he admitted he had been huffing from the can prior to the crash. He was arrested, booked into jail and charged with a class B misdemeanor for driving under the influence and a class B misdemeanor for psychotoxic chemical abuse.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Huffing Dusters Behind a Trash Bin in Florida

Via the Naples Daily News in Florida:

A 26 year old man was arrested after police found him huffing computer dusters behind a trash bin last Wednesday. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Montana Crash After Driver Huffs Behind the Wheel

Via the Rogersville Review in Montana:

An 18 year old male was arrested after an inhalant abuse related crash where his truck veered off the road and struck a telephone pole. The teen told officers he had been huffing computer duster just before leaving his home. He was charged with DUI, leaving the scene of an accident with property damage, failure to maintain financial responsibility, violation of seat belt law, and failure to maintain proper control of the vehicle.

Toddler Wanders Into Traffic After Mom Passes Out After Huffing

Via WANE TV in Indiana:

A 27 year old mother is charged with neglect of a dependent after she had been abusing inhalants, putting her 4 year old daughter in danger. In June she blacked out after huffing a computer duster and while she was passed out, her daughter started playing in traffic. Police showed up after several motorists almost hit the child.  The mother told police she had wrecked her car after huffing so she walked to the store to buy a can of computer duster with the last of her money. On the way home she stopped under a tree and begin inhaling. The investigation last throughout the summer and she was arrested last Monday. 

South Carolina Man Huffs Behind the Wheel and Crashes Car

Via the Post and Courier in South Carolina:

A 23 man had been huffing computer dusting spray when he passed out behind the wheel, veered off the road and slammed his pickup into a laundry business. He told officers he didn't remember the crash-just remembered someone waking hm up after his vehicle hit the building.  In the truck, police found a can of computer duster with the nozzle still wet, indicating someone has just used it. He told officers he had been abusing the product just before the crash. He was booked into jail and faces charges of reckless driving, malicious injury to real property, inhaling aromatic hydrocarbons and possessing cocaine.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Oklahoma Man Arrested on Manslaughter Charges After Inhalant Abuse Related Crash

Via Paul's Valley Daily Democrat in Oklahoma:

A 25 year old man was taken into custody last week for charges related to an inhalant accident last year. The man faces two felony counts of first-degree manslaughter for the car accident that claimed the lives of a 21 year old woman and her unborn child.  The lab results arrived the week prior showing he had been intoxicated from abusing computer dusting spray behind the wheel.

Israel Defense Forces Prohibit Huffing

Via the Times of Israel :

The Israeli Defense Forces "cracked down this month on its list of illicit substances that could make a soldier liable for prosecution if abused while on duty." The new regulations include "inhalation of air-conditioning gas."