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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

South Carolina Man Cited for Huffing Twice in Two Weeks

Via WCNC in South Carolina:

The 32 year old driver who nearly hit a school bus a little over a week ago has been stopped for abusing inhalants behind the wheel again. 

On Saturday night they received a call about a man passed out in a running vehicle in a restaurant's parking lot. He was passed out in the driver's seat with a can of computer duster in his hand and later admitted to huffing two cans within the past hour--and eight cans within the past six hours.

A medic was called because the man was slow to wake up and he complained of sever pain in his kidneys. He was issued a citation for inhaling aromatic hydrocarbons.  Police note they are "seeing an increase in adults huffing keyboard cleaner" and that when they get calls they "look for cans in cars now."

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