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Monday, March 31, 2014

Ohio Mother Abuses Inhalants and Endangers 6 Month Old

Via ABC 22 in Ohio:

A 22 year old mother has been arrested for abusing inhalants in front of her 6 month old baby. Police were called to the apartment for a welfare check and they found the baby crying near the woman who appeared to be high. She is facing charges of abusing harmful intoxicants and child endangering.  

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Virginia Parkway Clean Up Leads to Huffing Suspicions

Via WDBJ 7

Volunteers in Roanoke, Virginia were surprised when their parkway clean up led to a collection of more than 600 cans of whipped cream.  Local police are looking into the location of the cans, and are suspecting huffing.

Roanoke Police Chief Chris Perkins stated, "It's not a surprise that people are self-medicating with whatever they can find, and that is what we have to address as a community."

Perkins plans to discuss the problem with other departments in the area.

South Carolina Couple Arrested After Huffing at Local Hotel

 Via Live 5 News

A Charleston, South Carolina couple was arrested at a downtown hotel after police received reports the couple were inhaling computer dusting spray. 

The couple, 34 and 30 years old, were arrested for, "use of aromatic hydrocarbons" after they were caught huffing at a table inside the hotel.  According to the report, the pair were, "hunched over the table and breathing erratically and laughing, with [the man] holding a gas canister close to his face."  The police found a second can of duster spray in the seat the woman had been sitting in.

"Police say that when asked why they had the canisters, the man said, 'We were doing know, like hitting them," while motioning as if he were holding an item up to his mouth while breathing deeply."

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Illinois Woman Arrested After Passing Out While Driving

Via the Princeton Daily Clarion in Indiana:
A 36 year old Illinois woman was arrested on suspicion of inhaling toxic vapors after police found her semi-conscious in her car with a can of computer duster in her hand.

Officers noticed the car cross the centerline and stop on the opposite side of the road. The driver told them she had purchased the product at Walmart and “had been huffing it” as she drove home. She refused treatment and was transported to jail.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Washington Woman Uses Inhalants and Passes Out in Walmart and a Ditch

Via the iFiberOne News in Washington

Police and an ambulance responded to a Walmart to assist a 37 year old woman who had been huffing computer duster. The police report notes she “passed out several times while doing this, waking up and huffing again.”

She was evaluated by EMTs and released. Nearly two hours later police found the woman unconscious in a ditch alongside the side of the road near a set of railroad tracks. She was taken to the hospital for treatment and evaluation.