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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Inhalant Data From Arizona

The Arizona Criminal Justice Commission recently released Initial 2012 numbers for Navajo County youth substance abuse.

The survey is a "bi-annual opt-in survey that was taken in May 2012 by 1,363 county students, 57% in eighth grade, 23% in 10th grade, 20% in 12th grade."

For more information on the project visit their website and for full reports on all surveyed counties visit this website.

A few inhalant related notes from the study follow below:
  • Navajo County is behind Arizona use in most areas except cigarette use (4.9 percent higher than state), chewing tobacco (double the state rate), inhalants (0.3 percent higher), steroids (0.2 percent higher and over the counter drugs (0.5 percent).
  • Eighth grade: "Inhalant use was up by 2.6% at 12.4%, still lower than previous surveys between 2004 and 2006."
  • Tenth grade: 4.3% decline in inhalant use
  • Twelfth grade: "Cocaine and inhalants were down more than 3% each."

New Jersey Man Arrested After Passing Out at Work

Via Madison Patch

A 25-year-old man was arrested after being found passed out from inhaling dust cleaner.  The man was found passed out across a desk at his place of employment- a local sports shop. He was charged with, "inhaling fumes from a toxic chemical for the purpose of causing intoxication".

27 year-old Oregon Woman Accused of Huffing

A 27 year-old woman was arrested for unlawful possession of inhalants, a misdemeanor in Oregon.  She was seen huffing outside of the Bureau of Land Management office.  Police say she huffed six canisters of dusters before they arrived.

"Roseburg police Sgt. Jeff Eichenbusch said huffing compressed air, also called “dusting,” is one of the two most common over-the-counter methods of intoxication his department encounters. The other is huffing propane, which people also do to create euphoric effects. A lot people think that because the air duster is legal to purchase, it’s safe to abuse, said Eichenbusch, adding that in rare cases huffing can cause death.
“A lot of kids don’t realize how dangerous it is,” he said."

Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Inhalant Data From Monitoring the Future

Monitoring the Future's 2012 survey results were released yesterday:

From the study's press release: "Inhalant use continued its long-term gradual decline in all grades, but only the 30-day prevalence decline among 8th graders was statistically significant."

"Younger students are most likely to be using inhalants: the annual prevalence of use is 6%, 4%, and 3% in grades 8, 10, and 12, respectively—a reversal of the situation for virtually all other drugs."

For more information on Monitoring the Future, please visit their site here.

Kentucky Woman Huffing Paint Thinner Behind the Wheel

Via WLKY in Kentucky:

Earlier this week a woman was “arrested a woman on suspicion of operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of paint thinner.”

She was arrested at her home upon getting out of the driver’s side of the car while the car was still running. There was a wine bottle with paint thinner in the passenger seat and the police report notes she “appeared intoxicated on an unknown subject, was unsteady on her feet, had slurred speech and glassy eyes.” Later police found out that she had recently been arrested from the hospital for allegedly huffing paint thinner.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

3 Car Crash After Michigan Teen Abuses Inhalants Behind the Wheel

Via WoodTV8 in Michigan:

A 19 year old woman has admitted to causing a 3 car collision after huffing computer dusters behind the wheel. Her vehicle crashed into the passenger side of another car and the two cars crashed into a third.

She also noted that it wasn’t the first time she had crashed her car after abusing inhalants behind the wheel. She indicated she would be checking into a rehabilitation facility for help.

Kentucky Woman Huffs Behind the Wheel and Car Crashes Into Subway

Via in Kentucky:

A 55 year old woman crashed her car after huffing computer dusting spray behind the wheel. Her car veered off the road and into a Subway restaurant injuring two employees. The driver was charged with “DUI, failure to wear a seatbelt, having no operator's license and having no insurance.”

St Paul Man Arrested for Inhalants 2 Hours After Being Released from Jail

Via the Hastings Star Gazette in Minnesota:

A 39 year old St. Paul man was arrested in an inhalant abuse related incident a mere two hours after being released from jail.

Police responded to a report of a person huffing in a bathroom stall of a local business and found a man passed out in the stall. The police report notes he had “a can of dust remover in one hand and had apparently fallen and hit his head.” Store managers told police they have had problems with the man in the past.

Illinois Man Charged After Abusing Inhalants Behind the Wheel

Via the Beacon News in Illinois:

A 20 year old man was charged with “driving under the influence of intoxicating compounds, possession of drug paraphernalia and consumption of alcohol by a minor” after police found him passed out behind the wheel in a Walmart parking lot at 2:45 am. The police report also notes the man had a can of computer dusting spray in his hand.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Arrest Warrant Issued for Michigan Man After Huffing Incident

Via the Shelby-Utica Patch in Michigan:

Earlier this month police were called to a local diner for a report of a man abusing inhalants. The police report notes the man was huffing inhalants in the restroom and shoved a man on his way out of the restaurant. A warrant for his arrest was issued.

14 Year Old UK Girl Dies After Abusing Inhalants

Via the Daily Mail in the UK:

More information was recently made available at the Coroner’s Court regarding the death of the 14 year old girl in November 2011.

Testimony revealed she had been inhaling the fumes of a deodorant can in front of her friend in her room. She reportedly had been inhaling for about 25 minutes before collapsing on her bed and rolling onto the floor. Her friend screamed for help and chillingly, according to her father “Bethany’s friend called down to us, a harrowing call , and her words still haunt me to this day. She said: “Come upstairs quick, something really bad has happened to Beth”. In pure fear I mounted the stairs three at a time and I found Bethany’s face ashen. Her eyes were as far as they could go in the back of her head. I knew we were in trouble, she was so limp.”

He administered first aid as they waited for the paramedics. She was taken to hospital where she died an hour after being found. At the inquest her father broke down into tears as he noted “It has destroyed me. No parent should have to go through this.”

The inquiry also revealed it wasn’t the first time she had tried huffing. She had learned about it a month before she died and had tried it at least twice before.

Huffing Ordinance Considered

Via the Pilot Tribune in Iowa:

The City of Lakeside is considering adopting a “huffing” substance abuse ordinance.

The article notes that in Storm Lake, “huffing, possession or purchase of substances for huffing or aiding others involved in huffing is prohibited, per an ordinance adopted earlier this summer.” It also notes that according to police reports, between August and October nine juveniles were charged with inhaling toxic substances. The Storm Lake ordinance calls for juveniles to receive substance abuse assistance.

Regarding inhalant abuse, Storm Lake’s Public Safety Director also warned "We tend to come across it more during the summer, when people are out and about. I don't believe it's diminished; it's maybe done more privately or indoors in the colder months."

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

20 Year Old Arrested for Huffing and Driving in Illinois

Via Beacon News in Illinois:

Last week, a young man was arrested for huffing and driving just outside of Sandwich, Illinois. The driver was charged with driving under the influence of intoxicating compounds, possession of drug paraphernalia, and consumption of alcohol by a minor. Police found the driver in the parking lot of a local store, with a can of duster in his hand.

39 Year Old Man Found Huffing in Local Store Bathroom

Via Hastings Star Gazette in Minnesota:

This past week, a 39 year old St. Paul man was arrested for huffing in the bathroom of a local store. The man was found passed out in one of the stalls with an aerosol can in his hand. Managers report they have had previous problems with this man and told him he could not come into the store any longer. The criminal was arrested for trespassing.

Florida Man with History of Huffing Dies at Age 29

Via Sun Sentinel in Florida:

After spending 18 months in and out of recovery programs for inhalant abuse, a young man was found dead in his car this past Saturday in Florida. Officials found the man surrounded by a heap of aerosol cans, suggesting his death was caused by huffing. The man's past history of arrest three times in one week for inhalant abuse also aided in police investigations.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Michigan Man Cited for Huffing in Parking Lot

Via Plymouth-Canton Patch in Michigan:

On Saturday, Michigan police officials arrested a Canton man for huffing a can of spray in order to get high. Police found the man in his car, slumped over the steering wheel of his vehicle and reported that the driver seemed "out of it." A can of aerosol was found in between the seats of the car.

32 Year Old Woman Sentenced to Six Years in Prison for Huffing Crash

Via Times Bulletin in Ohio:

This past week a young woman in Ohio was sentenced to six years in prison due to a huffing and driving accident. The crash was fatal, and the driver was found guilty by the court on a first-degree felony account of aggravated vehicular homicide.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Missouri Man Arrested for Huffing

Via Quincy Herald-Whig in Illinois and Missouri:

A 20 year old man was arrested for huffing on Sunday afternoon after walking in and out of traffic on a busy highway in Missouri. When an officer arrived, the offender tried to get away and ended up getting in a small altercation with the policeman. The officer arrested the young man, and later found two cans of aerosol spray in his possession. The offender was charged with resisting/interfering arrest, and possession of a mind-altering substance.

Florida Man Arrested Twice for Huffing in 24 Hours

Via Sun Sentinel in South Florida:

A 29 year old man was recently arrested twice for huffing min 24 hours in Delray Beach, Florida. After buying multiple cans of aerosol from a nearby store, a concerned passer-by saw the man huffing and called the police. Officers report the man appeared groggy, and after further inspection found a large brown paper bag indicating the man had recently been in jail (these bags are given to prisoners when first arriving at the Palm Beach County jail). The man was arrested again for huffing and then sent to jail in lieu of a $250 bond.

Two Drivinng Accidents in Wisconsin Attributed to Huffing

Via Post Crescent in Wisconsin:

This past Saturday in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, a 19 year old woman was reported to have ran into a fire hydrant and then drive off. Officers later found the vehicle and the driver in a nearby parking lot, where she admitted to huffing an unknown substance. The driver was cited for hit and run, as well as possessing a drug without a prescription She was referred to the district attorney's office for abusing a hazardous substance.

On Sunday, police responded to a report of a car crash in a busy state highway. It was there that a 16 year old girl rear-ended another vehicle after she had been huffing. Officers cited the driver for reckless driving, being underage and in possession of alcohol and drug paraphernalia. This offender was also referred to the district attorney's office.

Michigan Teen Stikes School Officer Huffing and Driving

Via The Oakland Press in Michigan:

A young boy in Howell, Michigan was recently charged as a juvenile for operating a vehicle while intoxicated and causing injury this past Monday. The driver was sentenced to detention, probation, 200 hundred hours of community service, and counseling. The 16 year old boy was driving after using inhalants and struck a security officer in his school parking lot. According to officers, this boy has been an offender of inhalant abuse in the past.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

28 Year Old Woman Arrested in Montana for Huffing and Driving

Via Independent Record in Montana:

After a huffing and driving accident that caused the vehicle to flip over, a 28 year old woman in Montana is now facing a felony charge of criminal endangerment. The female driver was traveling along a major highway when she turned towards an exit and ran over multiple curbs. After the arrest, officials found 23 cans of aerosol that this woman appeared to have been using to get high.

Grieving Parents Morn Death from Huffing of 27 Year Old Son in New Zealand

Via The New Zealand Herald in New Zealand:

After ten years of struggling with an inhalant addiction, a 27 year old man was found dead from huffing in the Dunedin Botanic Gardens last Sunday. His parents recall their son's childhood as relatively normal, however after a summer away from home he seemed more depressed and unfocused. They explained that inhalants are cheap and addictive, which made it easy for their son to access to them. Police found canisters nearby the body, and have announced the cause of death as huffing.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

4 Year Prison Sentence for Injuring Women After Huffing and Driving in Florida

Via Sun Sentinel in South Florida:

A 46 year old man was recently charged with huffing and driving and injuring a 28 year old women walking her dog in Palm Beach County, Florida. The driver was sentenced to four years in prison. Records show that at the time of the crash the driver was driving without a license (due to two DUI convictions), and the license plate was not registered to that vehicle. Police announce that the man had been huffing aerosol cans before the accident.

31 Year Old Man Arrested for Huffing in South Dakota

Via Kota Territory News in South Dakota:

Rapid City Police arrested a 31 year old man in South Dakota for huffing this past Thursday. The man abusing inhalants had been driving and huffing a can. The driver is charged with a DUI, ingestion and driving under revocation. Police noted there has been an increase in the number of huffing cases over the past year.

Friday, November 2, 2012

After Huffing, Man Attacks Cars with Machete in Arizona

Via AZDailysun in Arizona:

On November 1st, an Arizona man who had been abusing inhalants attacked multiple cars with a machete in east Flagstaff. The 22 year old man had been previously arrested for hitting two people with bullet fragments after firing a gun into the ground, last year. His fifth arrest, the individual appeared to be "crazy," and harassed surrounding officers. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident.

Maine Youths Treated for Huffing

Via San Francisco Chronicle in Maine:

This past week, three youths were treated for huffing chemical vapors at a hospital center in Maine. The individuals involved were detention center youths in Charleston. After found huffing, the three boys were taken by ambulance and treated at the Eastern Maine Medical Center.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

20 Year Old Arrested for Huffing in South Carolina

Via in South Carolina:

A young woman was arrested for huffing and driving this past week in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Police found the woman passed out in her car outside a store with the engine and radio on. The driver has been charged with driving under the influence and unlawful use and possession of aromatic hydrocarbons. While denying her abuse of inhalants, the driver has a past history of addiction and depression.

22 Year old Man in Tennessee Faces Multiple Charges from Huffing and Driving

Via Johnson City Press in Tennessee:

This past week a 22 year old man  was arrested for huffing and driving in Tennessee. The driver passed out behind the wheel, causing him to hit a guard rail and injure one of his passengers. Two children were also in the backseat of the car at the time of the accident, but were fortunately unharmed. The driver faces multiple charges, including reckless endangerment, failure to take due care, violation of the financial responsibility law, and driving while under the influence/ child endangerment.

Friday, October 26, 2012

29 Year Old Driver in Minnesota Seriously Injures Bystander, Admits to Huffing

Via Duluth News Tribune in Minnesota:

A 29-year old man of Bayfield, Minnesota has admitted to huffing chemical compounds from an aerosol can before crashing and injuring an individual on the sidewalk. The prosecutor has indicated the woman faces serious injuries including broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and the loss of feeling in her legs. The driver was huffing while driving and immediately blacked out, running into the sidewalk. The defendant faces serious charges such as criminal vehicular operation resulting in great bodily harm, and four other crimes.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Florida Woman Charged with 2 Counts of DUI after Admitting to Huffing

Via West Palm Beach News in Florida:

 A 19 year old girl in West Palm Beach Florida was recently involved in a huffing and driving accident, injuring two bystanders. The driver had been huffing an aerosol can directly before the crash. The teen is being charged on two counts of DUI.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Huffing Causes Death to American Citizen in the Cayman Islands

Via CayCompass in the Grand Cayman Islands:

After a coroner's request to look further into the death of an American citizen traveling abroad, officials found that the man actually died by overdosing on inhalants. The deceased had a record of inhalant abuse,  and appeared to be addicted to aerosols. Doctors state that a toxic level of the supposed inhalant which killed this man is 29 micrograms. However, there were over 300 micrograms of the substance found in this man's body. The final verdict on the case was that the man had died from "misadventure."

26 Year Old Man Arrested for Huffing in Kansas

Via Bartlesville Radio in Kansas:

On October 19th, a young man was arrested in Salina, Kansas for inhaling toxic vapors. Police found the man in his car, parked on the side of a highway. The driver was originally sleeping, and appeared to be sluggish and under the influence when police questioned him about his inhalant abuse.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Oklahoma Man Charged with Huffing and Assault

Via NewsOK in Oklahoma:

A 39 year old man was recently arrested in Oklahoma for assault and battery of a police officer after abusing inhalants. When a police officer approached the man, he tried to flee and ended up physically assaulting the officer on duty. After medical clearance, the man was taken to jail where a bail was set at $4,000.

Man Charged with Huffing in Tennessee

Via Herald Citizen in Tennessee:

A 37 year old man was charged with huffing paint cans this past week in Centerville, Tennessee. Police found the man in a car with an illegal temporary tag. The man did not have a valid driver's license and informed officials it had been revoked after drunk driving in Davidson County. He was arrested for driving with a revoked license and sniffing paint thinner for unlawful purposes.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

31 Year Old Facing Serious Charges after Huffing and Driving

Via News Center 1 in South Dakota:

This past Monday, a 31 year old woman was arrested for huffing and driving in Rapid City, South Dakota. The driver hit a parked boat, and then fled to an elementary school parking lot. When police found her she tried to escape and drove through several yards and even a chain linked fence, before hitting a parked car and coming to a stop. The driver is facing serious charges for illegal inhalant abuse.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Doctor Charged with Huffing in Chicago

Via Chicago Tribune in Illinois

A Springfield Doctor was charged with abusing inhalants at a downtown hotel this past week. Police had been called downtown for a disturbance complaint and found the user huffing canisters.

19 Year Old in Huffing and Driving Accident in Nebraska

Via Fremont Tribune in Nebraska

This past Thursday, a nineteen year old was cited for huffing and driving in Fremont, Nebraska. The citation was issued for willful reckless driving and inhaling intoxicating substances. The driver of a 1998 Ford Taurus veered off the road hitting a fence, telephone box, tree and wooden utility pole. Damage costs are an estimated $1,500.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Woman Huffing Hits Tree and Two Cars before Arrest in South Dakota

Via Argus Leader in South Dakota

A 37 year old woman in South Dakota was recently arrested after hitting two parked cars and a tree in a span of twenty minutes after huffing. She was charged with her third DUI, and brought to the hospital before taken to jail. Witnesses report that the driver had been huffing spray cans at the time of the accident. No one at the scene was injured; however there is an estimated $6,000 in damage.