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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Florida Mother Arrested Again For Huffing- With 19 Day Old Baby in Car

Via in Florida:

A 31 year old female nurse “who has been arrested at least four times for huffing aerosol products” was involved in yet another inhalant abuse incident last month.

Police responded to a call for a traffic accident in a shopping center parking lot. The driver of the damaged parked car told the officer that the driver of the other car had been huffing a product before backing into her car. In the car, police found three cans of computer duster (an empty one on the front console) and the woman’s 19 day old son in the car. The Department of Children and Families was notified and took custody of the infant.

The driver told police she went to Kmart to buy the product and then returned to her car to “take one hit” from the can. She indicated she doesn’t remember inhaling the rest of the can and was charged with “inhalation of a harmful chemical substance and child abuse.”

The article notes she was also arrested in April, May, June and August 2010 and charged each time with inhaling harmful substances.

In one case, she was found unconscious in her car in a Wal-Mart parking lot by an off-duty sheriff’s deputy. She woke up and immediately started huffing from a can of computer duster. In another case, her son went to a neighbor’s house to help for his mother. When officials arrived they found a pregnant woman lying on a bed with a computer duster nearby. Her two sons told police she had been huffing from the product while driving. More info on that second case can be found here.

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