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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lamar County to Educate Parents on Teen Drug Use

Courtesy of the Hattiesburg American
Lamar County, MS

The Lamar County Sheriffs Office has teamed up with other organizations to form an educational task force in an effort to combat drug use.

The Superintendent of schools said, " We're trying to equip parents with the knowledge to know what's going on in and around kids and with their own child."

Burnett said the task force also met with 300 high school and middle school teachers in the district saying, "They learned how to recognize what the different kinds of drugs look like, the warning signs for students that might be on drugs, and how to approach that."

The task force's third meeting was held at 6PM on March 29 at Purvis High School and another meeting will be held in Oak Grove next week.

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