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Monday, March 14, 2011

"Huffing Teens" Crash Van into Casino

Courtesy of News on 6
Rogers County, OK

Two teenage girls were arrested after they crashed a van into a local casino. The girls, both 15, had been huffing dust remover.

Deputies said that the girls had been waiting in the van while one of the girl's mother went into the casino. One of the girls got out of the car and entered the casino while her friend circled the parking lot.

The driver blacked out, hitting three curbs, a security vehicle and then traveling more than 100 feet before crashing into the casino.

The driver told Sheriffs Deputies that in addition to huffing she had taken prescription pills, and didn't know what they would do. She was charged with operating a motor vehicle without a license, drug complaints, and destruction of property.

The other girl was arrested for drug complaints as well as obstruction of justice after attempting to hide the can of dust remover.

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