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Friday, November 1, 2013

Iowa Teen's Death Attributed to Inhalant Abuse

Via the WCF Courier in Iowa:

Inhalant abuse was confirmed as a cause of death of a 16 year old female last August 23rd.  She was sitting on a rock wall, huffed from a can of computer duster, leaned back and fell about 50 feet.  The autopsy has confirmed difluoroethane was in her body.
The police chief relayed a message from the girl’s mom and noted she wanted to “share the information with other parents so Kellie’s death wouldn’t have been for nothing.”  He also implored parents to go learn more about inhalant abuse because it occurs more frequently then they think.

State medical investigators have looked into three or four deaths in the past four months involving inhalant abuse. Kellie was a junior in high school and played clarinet in the band. Her principal remarked she was “a nice kid, very active in music, and she was an excellent writer."

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