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Friday, November 8, 2013

Pennsylvania Man Faces Fourth Charge of Huffing Dusters


A Pennsylvania man, 30-years-old, faces another charge of huffing computer dusting spray after police say they found him passed out near a wholesale club. 

The man,  "allegedly took at least two canisters of cleaner from the.. store Friday evening. The 30-year-old had inhaled one can and was in the process of inhaling another when he passed out near the store about 7 p.m."

Police responded to reports of an unconscious male lying on the ground.  Hours before, the police say they caught the same man huffing on two separate occasions.    At 1:20pm that afternoon police were called where they found the man inhaling dusters. He was released after being charged with inhaling toxic chemicals and littering.

Two hours later the police were called again to another location.  The same man was again charged and released. 

Two days later, the man was caught a fourth time when he took a can of duster spray from a Wal-Mart shelf and starting inhaling.  He became violent and was subdued by several customers in the store. 

"As a result of the incidents, [the man] faces two counts of shoplifting and littering as well as four counts of purposely inhaling a toxic chemical. He also faces a charge of disorderly conduct."  He was taken to the county jail and lodged in lieu of $1,800 bail.

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