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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Woman Found Huffing in Store Restroom

From 620 WTMJ and in Wisconsin:

On June 16th, a 46-year old woman purchased two cans of compressed gas at an Office Max. “She then went to the store's restroom, where she stayed for more than an hour. When employees entered the bathroom to check up on the woman, she was lying on the floor and incoherent.”

“Employees called police, and the woman was taken to the hospital where she was medically cleared. She then was taken to the Sheriff's Department, where she was processed on a state count of disorderly conduct and released.”

Help us in reaching out to the radio station linked above to clear up the misperception that this product is "just air." All too often this misperception leads many children and adults to huff the product, thinking it cannot be dangerous since it is "just air." It is not air. The product contains chemicals that the individuals are introducing into their bodies.

Therefore, please help us in our efforts to change this misperception- or send suggestions on how we can get this preventative message out to even more communities.

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