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Friday, June 13, 2008

12 Year Old Boy Severely Burned After Huffing

From the Sunday Star Times (New Zealand) earlier this week.:

A 12 year old boy “huffed flyspray through his jacket” and then set himself on fire using a lighter. He suffered severe burns and remains in the hospital.

The article notes: “They could see "ice cubes" of residue on his clothes from the spray. "He was high and he was just being stupid," says the 12-year-old who passed him the lighter. "I told him not to do anything stupid... Then he lit the shirt... It just started out as a little patch." The fire quickly spread and the group started yelling at the boy to "stop, drop and roll". But he panicked, running away from them.

The shirt “burned for about 45 seconds” before his 14 year old friend caught him and ripped the shirt from him. The article quotes the 14 year old as saying, "I carried him on my shoulders to the fountain. He had bubbles all on his chest. His whole chest was burned. He was like, `take me home, take me home'."

Instead, the 14 year old carried the 12 year old from the foundation to the “Aquatic Centre next door, put him in a cold shower, and rang for an ambulance.”

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