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Friday, October 10, 2014

South Carolina Woman Neglects Elderly Mother to Huff Spray Paint

Via Fox Carolina

A 58-year-old South Carolina woman is being charged with neglect of a vulnerable adult after her mother wandered from the house while the woman huffed spray paint.  Police were called to the family's home by a neighbor who found the 78-year-old mother in a ditch in his front yard without any clothes on.  The neighbor did not initially get a pulse so he called 911.  The daughter did not come to the door at first, but later answered.  When told that her mother was outside, the woman said "OK" and then closed the door.  She came outside a short while later, but did not appear upset about her mother's condition and she also had a visible discolored ring around her lip.  Police had trouble getting her mother's medical information from the daughter before transporting her to the hospital.

Police say the woman cares for her mother, who is in the advanced stages of dementia.   When police entered the home they could smell a strong odor of paint that was overpowering in the kitchen area.  Police say they saw a can of spray paint on the counter and another in the trash.   The woman struggled to give responses to the police and appeared tired during their conversation.  She was later charged with neglect of a vulnerable adult.

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