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Friday, October 10, 2014

California Restaurant Suspects Vandalism Due to Huffing

Via The Press Enterprise

A California restaurant owner discovered vandalism to his restaurant may have been caused by those looking to get high.

The restaurant owner, who had just opened his restaurant two weeks earlier, noticed that his restaurant seemed unusually warm one morning.  The owners discovered that someone had snipped an air-conditioner copper line that carried a refrigerant fluid.  The restaurant had to close for most of the day costing the owners $1,000 in sales and $400 in repairs.

Two days later the line was cut again.  The owner originally thought the pipe has been cut for metal theft, but wondered why the pipe had not been taken.  However, the manager of the air conditioning repair company offered a more plausible motive: huffing.  "They will huff the refrigerant to get high," the air conditioning company manager said.   The restaurant owner had a steal cage installed over his unit to help prevent further incidents.

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