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Friday, October 10, 2014

Michigan Man Arrested for Inhaling Intoxicants After More Than 50 Duster Cans Found

Via The Daily Post- Athenian 

A 38-year-old Michigan man was arrested on charges of simple assault and inhaling intoxicants.

Police responded to a motel where the clerk told them two people had been staying in a room for the past several days "yelling and banging on the walls".    When the clerk went to check on the noise no one answer.  He then opened the door and the man reportedly, "charged him, striking the victim several times in the face."   The police officer entered the room and saw the man lying on the bed with a can of computer duster between his legs, apparently trying to hide it.   Police also noticed 15 more empty cans on the floor.  When asked what happened, the man's reply was that he "was huffing on the can of dust spray is probably what happened."

As the man was being handcuffed he reached on the table, grabbed a can, and attempted to huff it. After placing the man into the patrol car, the police found five more empty cans in a small garbage bag and 30 more empty cans in a pillow case.  The man admitted that he and a woman, "had been huffing from them the past several days and that 'he stole a few of the cans from Walmart.'"

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