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Friday, October 24, 2014

Idaho Man Caught Huffing in Parking Lot


A 28-year-old Idaho man was caught huffing in his car.  Police were called to a Target parking lot on a suspicious person call.  When officers arrived, they saw the man holding a can of computer duster and watched him put the nozzle in his mouth and huff from the can.  Police say the man slumped over in the seat of his car, then repeated the process three more times.  Officers tried to get the man's attention and noticed blood dripping from his mouth.  Fearing for the man's safety, police opened the car door and turned the car off.  Officers spent two minutes trying to wake the man up before he regained consciousness.   When he woke, the man said he was just detailing his car.  The man was cleared by paramedics and taken to jail.

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