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Monday, August 25, 2014

Repeat Huffer Arrested in California

Via the Ukiah Daily Journal in California:

Police responded to a call of a man huffing from an aerosol can with his pants down. They located a 36 year old man and noticed he had a can with him and that he was currently on probation for possessing inhalants.  He was placed under arrest on suspicion of possessing an inhalant and violating probation.

The next morning officers responded to a call for a subject who had stolen several cans from a store and it was believed he was huffing from them in the back of the building. Employees of the store noticed he had inhaled from the can before leaving the store, discarded the can, and vomited before proceeding to the back of the store with the remaining cans.  Police discovered it was the same man from the previous evening's incident. He began huffing as officers approached. He was arrested once again.

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