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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tip: Listen & Talk To Your Kids During Family Dinner

Let’s get right to the point: dinner in your house should be more than a meal on the table. Each night, parents have the opportunity to build trust and honesty with their children by interacting with them over dinner. Seems obvious, right? Yet, many parents pass up the opening not realizing that dinner time is crucial time for developing an open relationship with their children. What better time to talk to them about their friends, interests, or anxieties, especially the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and inhalants?

Parents must see that they play a major role in the prevention education taught to their kids. Children always have questions about new life situations. Take advantage of these learning opportunities by listening attentively to their thoughts and giving relevant advice.

Check out the
Inhalants FAQ provided by CASA Family Day and pledge to become a Family Day Star. Dinner will never be the same again!

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