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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Deputy Found Not Guilty For Shooting Death of Man Inhaling Paint

Via Bozeman Daily Chronicle in Montana

A jury in Montana found an officer not guilty for the shooting death of a man in February. On Feb. 5th, a 50-year-old man refused to leave his storage unit after the warehouse was closed for the night. The man had been removed from the property several times after closing in the past, each time smelling of paint. When he refused to leave this time, police were called and discovered the man “sitting behind a dresser with a firearm in my face,” according to one officer. A negotiator tried for several hours to talk to the man who, at one point, even put the gun in his mouth.

The shooting officer witnessed the man repeatedly sniff paint solvent. "I watched him do that all night, every 30 seconds or so," he testified. The man began to fire his .300-caliber rifle in between inhaling the paint. After five shots from the high-powered rifle, the shooting officer saw the man preparing to shoot for a sixth time. The deputy said he knew he was justified and in the best position to take the shot that would end the shooting spree.

It took the jury less than ten minutes to find the deputy not guilty.

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