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Friday, October 7, 2011

Coroner: State ‘needs petrol sniffing laws’

Via in Australia

A Deputy State Coroner in South Australia believes there should be legislation for the area which enables police to apprehend people who are believed to have inhaled a volatile substance and to relocate them to places of safety. His position comes after his findings into the death of an Aboriginal man who hung himself during a 17-minute stand off with police in 2009. Before his suicide, the 18-year-old man had threatened to stab his mother and his mother’s partner with a knife. The coroner found that he was habitually sniffing petrol in the days preceding his death.

"The behavior of (the man), both in respect of the incident in which he threatened others with a knife and in respect of the taking of his own life, was probably due to the effects of petrol inhalation, either chronically or acutely on the particular morning," he said.

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