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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Hidden Habit Delays Change

Via The Australian in South Australia

The issue of petrol sniffing among young, urban Aborigines stems from the problem in remote, rural communities. One reason is the increased legislation against petrol inhalation in remote areas. Without proper laws regulating the trend in the cities, funding is harder to obtain to help in dealing with the problem.
Warren Miller of the Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council's Makin' Tracks explains, "the government has picked a couple of places and said 'This is where the problem is' but they have not looked at the whole situation -- it's not just confined to one area of the state."

Until inhalant abuse is “stamped out” in remote communities, there will be an undercurrent of sniffing in urban areas, where the availability of inhalants is greater and policing reduced.

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