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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tennessee Woman Causes Apartment Fire While Huffing


A Chattanooga woman was arrested in connection with a March 29th apartment fire. The Captain says he and other firefighters noticed a strong smell of gasoline after an apartment fire was put out.  He called the Fire Investigation Division to investigate.  Evidence showed that one of the two occupants had been huffing gasoline in the bathroom. 

The person huffing lit up in the bathroom and due to the room full of gas fumes, a fire erupted.  The two occupants in the apartment at the time were not injured. 

Following the investigation, officials went to arrest the woman occupant.  Officials say she and her husband were evicted from the apartment complex and were staying at a local hotel.  When officials arrived at the hotel they could smell gas fumes and the woman refused to answer the door.  Investigators entered through a window and arrested her.  They found two one-gallon containers full of gas inside the room.  She faces six counts of reckless endangerment due to the danger she put the other apartment residents in.

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