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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pennsylvania Mom Seeks Changes After Losing Her Daughter to Inhalant Abuse

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A 29 year old Pennsylvania woman is dead after abusing inhalants and now her mother is seeking changes in mental health regulations. 

On Feb 13th, Amy sent her mom a text “I want to die” and when her mom reached her apartment, through a window, she could see her daughter passed out on her bed. She couldn’t wake her daughter so police were able to gain entry. When she woke she had sustained a cold burn/frostbite on her hand from the can of computer duster.  Inside the apartment police found “numerous trash bags packed with empty canisters of the spray cleaner.

On February 28th her mom texted her to see how she was doing but when she hadn’t heard back by March 1st she went to her apartment to check on her. The landlady told her Amy wasn’t answering the door and when she entered the apartment she noted Amy wasn’t breathing. She was pronounced dead and the coroners’ office ruled her death accidental with the cause of death being cardiac arrest induced by difluoroethane.  

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