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Friday, April 4, 2014

Michigan Mom Crashes Car Into Church and Injures Her Three Children

Via the Daily Reporter in Michigan: 

A 25 year old woman was sentenced after an inhalant abuse related arrest last September.  The woman’s three children were injured when she crashed her car into the steps of a church.  

She claimed she did not abuse computer duster behind the wheel, instead saying “the car was misaligned and that she had only smoked marijuana that day.” She admitted she had used canned whipped cream and K-2 synthetic marijuana to get high in the past but that the can of duster found in her car was left by someone else. She also admitted she introduced that person to huffing. 

Her mother, who now has custody of the three children, noted the children couldn’t wake their mother while she was driving.” One of the children suffered a head wound and now has a permanent scar across her forehead. The other suffered minor injuries and the oldest two are now in counseling.
Link pleaded guilty to "driving on a suspended license causing serious injury, a five-year offense, in return for dismissal of driving while intoxicated charges."

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