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Monday, April 28, 2014

Inhalant Abuse: A Growing Concern in Qatar

Via Just Here: Community Without Borders:

 Inhalant Abuse is a growing problem in Qatar.  The article mentions the widespread abuse of butane and a firsthand perspective of its effect:  “There are a lot of visuals.  At one point, the light in my car started sucking up objects. I looked back to see where they were going, and I saw a head floating on a cloud.”

The article also mentions the effects of ethyl chloride, a topical anaesthetic skin refrigerant.  "You feel a buzzing sound for about 15 seconds, then euphoria, then calm" and notes that carburetor fluid, has similar effects.

A psychiatrist explains inhalant abuse has " a very deleterious effect on the sinuses. It affects the neurons; they dilute or dissolve the fats of [cells in] the sinus. We’ve seen many cases where they develop prolonged psychosis."  

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