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Friday, March 26, 2010

Waiting To Inhale: Teen Crash Sends Six To Hospital

From the Columbus Dispatch (March 24):

A "severely impaired" 18-year old was hospitalized Tuesday after his vehicle, which was carrying six passengers, crashed. Police, responding to the second such scene this week, found an aerosol can in the front seat. When confronted, officers also noted the driver had bloodshot eyes, dizziness, and slurred speech.

The crash is yet another example of a huffing while driving which is being reported more frequently around the country. "In the old days, you'd typically get to a crash and you'd smell the alcohol," one officer said.

However, an executive at a local treatment center acknowledges the nagging reality: "The attraction of inhalants are that they are readily available, they are legal and, frankly, they can be hidden in plain sight," he admits.

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