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Monday, March 29, 2010

Parents Stop Inhalant Abuse Before It Starts

From the Sun Telegraph (March 27):

On Saturday, Nebraska parents gathered to learn more about inhalant abuse in their community. Students Making Awesome Choices, a community-based collaborative, received an unexpected turnout from members of the community who were sensitive to and interested in the issue. In this community, inhalant abuse isn't an epidemic and parents plan to keep it that way.

“There have been some isolated incidents with inhaling. Nothing specifically inside the school. It happens at home and gets drug into the the school” one official says.

Eerily, most inhalants are household products. There are more than 1,400 products people can inhale to get high which explains why children as young as 10-years old are using. These cheap, accessible products are typically missed when parents discuss drug use with their children. However, 22 % of inhalant deaths happen on the first use.

Are interested in educating your community about inhalant use? Visit to request a media kit and access more information. If you are already doing something in your community, let us know, too!

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