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Monday, April 28, 2008

Malaysian Organization Works to Curb Abuse

In response to trends of inhalant abuse, the Malaysian Association for the Prevention of Drug Abuse, or Pemadam, are recruiting experts to study inhalants and create a strategy to inhibit the abuse in students.

Pemadam's general secretary, Datuk Kamilia Ibrahim, announced that they
"take a serious view of youths including students who sniff glue, petrol and paint as it can harm them."
Also, Pemadam will be organizing an anti-inhalant committee, which will include "academicians, researchers, police and related agencies".

There are going to be nationwide campaigns to raise awareness as well as legislature entitled 'The Intoxicating Substances Act'.

In addition, Ibrahim has "urged producers of glue, paint and petrol to reduce the smell of inhalants as this would help tackle the problem."

Story from, Malaysian National News Agency.

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