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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Internet Trends Worrisome in Nebraska

Community leaders in Grand Island, Nebraska are warning parents about the susceptability of children to trends on the internet, specifically YouTube videos advocating mixing prescription drugs and using inhalants.

A drug expert from Omaha, Chuck Matson, agrees that YouTube encourages kids to try inhalants and that "especially in our middle school age category, we're seeing an increase in use and abuse of inhalants."

One of the students from Barr Middle School, Mckenzie Fyfe, described the inhalant use that she encounters in her classmates:
"They inhale paint in art class, and inhale sharpie markers. They do it in school and after school, when the teacher's not looking. Sometimes they do it in the hallway or the bathrooms. It's just not things we should be doing at twelve-years-old."

Grand Island School District received a grant to form a Middle School Youth Congress formed of eighty-five students. The students are on a retreat today learning about drug trends, avoiding pressure, leadership qualities, and making good decisions.

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