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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Man's Denials Inconsistant With Paint on Face

A 45-year-old man who appears to be the same inhalant user as the offender in the previous article has been charged with inhalation of a harmful chemical substance.

Crestview police officers were called to the RV park on the suspicion of a man huffing paint. They searched the area and saw a man in a lawn chair outside of his trailer. The officer asked if he had been inhaling paint and the man said no.

"However, when the officer approached and shined his flashlight toward the man, he noticed what appeared to be “fresh, gold-colored paint clinging to his nose and cheeks.” The officer also noticed paint in the man’s facial hair.

Under the man’s chair, the officer located a can of spray paint. The man continued to deny that he was huffing paint, but the officer placed him under arrest. "
His wife claims that he has been abusing inhalants for the past year and a half and that he hides it.

"She added that she was unable to stop him because 'he thinks there’s nothing wrong with it.'"

From the Northwest Florida Daily News.

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