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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Duster Death in South Florida

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel ran a story today about Jason Emanuel, who died in February after inhaling computer duster.

He was originally from North Carolina and was arrested twice in December in Boynton Beach, Florida for huffing in his car outside of Wal-Mart. Soon after, he was arrested for huffing outside of a SuperTarget. The police reported him as being "unsteady on his feet" and "incoherent".

Jason had been kicked out of a drug rehabilitation halfway house a few days before his death on February 26th. He lived out of his car for three days until the police were called to a Wal-Mart where Jason told the officers that he had been huffing.

On the way to the hospital, he had a seizure and stopped breathing.

He was from an upper middle-class background and was educated in private schools. He studied at Appalachian State University before dropping out to seek treatment for his drug problems.

His father Chris said, "Jason was not a criminal. He wasn't a guy that would stick up the 7-Eleven. He had a problem and eventually it defeated him."

Chris also mentioned how Jason progressed from using marijuana to using inhalants, explaining,

"He got off marijuana because he didn't like finding dealers. You can go to any place and find an inhalant."
Jason's longtime friend Elliot mentioned,
"He just didn't act like someone who was a drug addict. With my generation, people get so concerned with drugs you hear about in pop culture. That's really not the problem. It's the prescription drugs and the stuff you buy at Wal-Mart."
ACE's executive director Colleen Creighton was quoted in the article talking about the prevalence of inhalants.
"You see kids on YouTube joking around, laughing and having fun, and the risk really isn't conveyed. The frightening thing for us is how young the kids are who are using."

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