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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Huffing Involved in New Mexico Murder

Via Clovis News Journal

Opening statements began Monday, January 27th for a man accused of second-degree murder and tampering with evidence in the August 2012 stabbing death of his friend. 

Two men and a female friend had stopped in Clovis, New Mexico to visit the deceased's aunt during a road trip that took them from California to South Dakota and Austin, Texas.   In opening statements the Special Prosecutor told jurors they were, "Three road warriors" that were "inhaling or 'huffing' an aerosol dust cleaner to get high during the trip and just before the fatal stabbing outside the aunt's home."  According to the prosecutor, the two men had packed the car to start the trip home.  Both men walked out to the car to fix a flat tire.  It was only a few minutes later that the aunt and neighbors heard a commotion and neighborhood dogs started barking furiously.  The prosecutor told jurors the accused then walked up to a neighbor's house and told the homeowner, "I just stabbed my best friend."

According to the accused, it was self defense, as the victim has "freaked out" after huffing computer duster and ran into the knife the accused was holding.  The trial is expected to continue throughout the week.

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