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Thursday, January 13, 2011

One Driver-Two Inhalant Crashes in Less than 2 Hours

From the in Nebraska:

Earlier this week a 33 year old woman was involved in two inhalant related car crashes in less than two hours.

At 2:47 am, police contacted her after she hit a snowdrift. She claimed someone else was driving the car but also admitted she had been huffing and had passed out. Police found an inhalant in the car and cited her with inhaling an intoxicant.

At 4:31 am, police responded to a call of a car crashing into a light pole. At the scene they found the same driver “inhaling a substance while waiting in a city’s snowplow.” In the car they found a Wal-Mart receipt where two aerosol cans had been purchased 13 minutes prior to the crash.

Damage to the power pole is estimated at $3,000 and damage to her car is estimated at $8,000. She was arrested and jailed on “suspicion of huffing and willful reckless driving, both misdemeanors.”

Frighteningly, the article also points out that she is also facing a separate huffing charge from a December 13 incident.

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