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Friday, June 18, 2010

Police Find 100 Cans of Duster in Car

From The Corsicana Daily Sun (June 17):

Texas police were shocked at what they found earlier this week. A resident drove passed a parked car only to notice the driver's strange behavior. The incident was reported to police who approached the intoxicated driver. It turns out the driver had good cause to be worried as the car's occupant was huffing inside the vehicle.

Misusing duster could kill on one's first use and this is true of any inhalant. When police searched the car, they found 115 empty cans of duster. The police were shocked at the number of cans but one officer remarked on the drug in question saying: "Who in the world would think kids would overdose on this stuff?"

The incident has only emboldened Navarro County police officers who want to raise awareness about huffing. "All we want to do is reach out to the public" the captain said.

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