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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Man Blames Kidnapping On Inhalant Abuse

From The Chattanoogan (June 28):

A 6-year old girl was in for the ride of her life until her grandfather saved the day. A 36-year old man offered her cookies in exchange for coming with him and it was soon clear he had sinister plans. The 'self-proclaimed pedophile' was caught watching children at a local for three straight days.

Prior to the incident the man, who had recently lost his job and apartment, was living out of his car. Thankfully, his getaway vehicle and new home could not provide protection from his lawlessness.

According to his mother, the man's behavior resulted from his longstanding abuse of gasoline. He reportedly huffed 2-3 gallons a day in the period leading up to the kidnapping. Start at age 15, he began huffing gasoline to avoid the pain of a break up. However, the habit took him down a road that led to several arrests.

He spent less than a year in jail, but this time he will be in for a long stretch. The Tennessee man will serve concurrent 15 and 25 year sentences after he decided not to contest the charges.

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