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Friday, June 11, 2010

Dancing To Different Beat: Cambodia Ex-Pat Says No To Inhalant Abuse

From the L.A. Times:

In a rare about turn, an incredibly talented Cambodian young man has turned his life around. He spent 8 eight years in jail, ostracized from his community, and kicked crime to emerge as an unlikely role model. "[His] story is very inspirational at many levels: himself, the children and Cambodia trying to come back," says an employee with an international non-profit.

After his conviction, he was deported from the U.S. in a federal move to crack down on improperly documented inhabitants. His relocation gave him a new perspective. Upon returning to Cambodia he admits: "I realized I needed to help out."

His emergence from a former member of the Long Beach Crips to a respected member of his community came from an improbable source- breakdancing. The foot-popping, hip-twisting artistry of the improvisational dance gave the young man new life and an outlet for his energy. Now his proteges are touring the U.S. as back-up dancers and he has established himself among giants in the world of dance.

He has not stopped with breakdancing. He also raps, beat-boxes, and deejays to the excitement of many admirers. The songs encourage people to invest their energy positively. One song "Huff Gow" points people away from inhalant abuse. Read on the learn about his amazing story.

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