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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Inhalant Abuse Declines in Connecticut

From Weston Forum in Connecticut:

Results of the 2008 Parent Survey Report in Weston, Connecticut were recently released.
The survey was conducted in April 2008 and included 802 students (65% of student body in the local middle school and high school).

Full survey results can be found here:

Some interesting findings:

Table 18: Peer use of substances.
While 78.6% of 7-8th graders report none of their friends use inhalants, this number significantly declines by 11-12th grade where only 49.3% report none of their friends use inhalants.

Table 7: 30 day past use:
Highest use rate: male = 7th grade at 3.4%
Highest use rate: female = 8th grade at 3.5%
Interestingly, neither male nor female 8th graders report using inhalants in the past 30 days

Table 8: Lifetime use:
Highest use rate female =9th grade at 10.6%
Highest use rate male = 11th grade at 10.4%

Table 14th: Life time Drug Use
Highest rate of use occurs in the 11th grade (9.5%)

Table 25: peer use:
Those reporting their friends have tried inhalants: 9th grade- 12.9%; 10th grade -15.6%; 11th grade -17.8%; 12th grade-10.5%

Table 45: comparative use:
Females: Weston (7.5%), Connecticut (11.0%), United States (14.3%)
Males: Weston (5.4%), Connecticut (11.2%), United States (12.4%)

Table 46: recent use
Grades 7-8: 2000--3.3%; 2008 (-1.0%)
Grades 9-10: 2000--5.6%; 2008--1.2%

Table 48: lifetime use:
Grades 7-8: 2000—9.9%; 2008--2.8%
Grades 9-10: 2000--15.2%; 2008—5.9%

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