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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Parent Warns About Accessible Drugs

William Brigham of Scotts Valley, California wrote an article in the Press Banner that touches on several drugs that are easily available to kids - including inhalants.

He begins by saying,

"When mention is made of teen drug use, substances like marijuana, ecstasy and methamphetamine are often what come to mind. But the other drugs that are not discussed enough are those found in your home, within easy reach of young people."
He then continues by explaining inhalants, and that "many such substances are available to young people, and they provide effects similar to alcohol: an initial rush followed by disinhibition, slurred speech and stupor, depending on how much was used."

Also mentioned are the problems that can be caused:
"Organ damage from sniffing solvents can be quite serious, including harm to the heart, brain, kidneys, lung or liver. More than 2 million teens have used inhalants, and while most will grow out of that particular drug use, some will continue and incur considerable physical harm."
Mr. Brigham is also an administrator of the NFL Program for Substances of Abuse.

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