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Monday, March 3, 2008

String of Inhalant Arrests

Another response to inhalant arrests was printed in the Hendricks County Flyer for Avon, Indiana on Thursday. Last summer, one town had four inhalant incidents and in January, a woman drove her truck into a house while huffing. Liutenant Chuck Parsons explains that inhalant abuse is harder to track, explaining that
"Huffing is very difficult to deal with. Unless you catch them doing it in your presence or if they’re still not in an impaired state, you can’t say they’re doing it. You might have someone that has paint all over their face, but knowing it in your heart and being able to prove it are two totally different things. That’s one of the main reasons that charges and arrests of that nature just don’t happen often."

The article continues to explain the risks and dangers of huffing, including Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome. This occurs when the heart stops abruptly, and can happen the first or 1000th time one abuses inhalants.

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