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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Woman Found With 57 Aerosol Cans in Car

Last week in St. Pierce, Florida, a woman was arrested for inhalation of a harmful chemical substance when police officers saw her huffing in her car outside of a CVS. The inside of her car was covered in vomit and fifty-seven aerosol cans as well as receipts for three aerosol purchases within the previous six hours. She initially denied inhaling the aerosol products but then admitted that she had been abusing them for the past two years, inhaling and then passing out for about thirty minutes. From one of the officers quoted in the article:
I asked her if she thought she had a problem and she stated she did have a problem and was attending AA meetings for the past three months, but she is not addicted to inhalants and could quit at anytime.

This is a sad example of how serious inhalant abuse can be.

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